Half Moon Bay

Thomas Humphrey, date unknown

  • Born Scotland 1858
  • Arrived Australia 1869
  • Died Australia 1922
  • Oil on canvas 50.6 x 30.5 cm
  • Private Collection

About the painting

Tom Humphrey painted mainly around the bayside beaches in his later years. This painting, Half Moon Bay, shows his talent for painting bush and beach scenes.

He had a clear grasp of the subtle colours of the bush and a talent for authentically painting ‘Australian light’.

This work, looking south around Half Moon Bay, shows this sensitive handling.

About the artist

Tom Humphrey was a photographer by trade and chiefly earned his living via his photography business.

He studied at the National Gallery School in Melbourne and in the late 1880s he was a member of the ‘Heidelberg School’, often joining Fred McCubbin, John Mather and John Ford Paterson on painting expeditions.

He painted at a number of the artists' camps, including Box Hill, Charterisville and Blackburn, staying there with the McCubbins in 1894.

In 1899 Tom Humphrey married Alice Mills, but within a few years he had developed tuberculosis and was forced to sell his photography business.

The couple then jointly ran the ‘Alice Mills Studio’ at the corner of Collins and Elizabeth Streets, Melbourne.

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