Historical photos of Ricketts Point

Rickett's Point

Ricketts Point is well known for its rocky shore and reefs which for decades have attracted beach lovers, fishermen, snorkellers, painters, bird watchers and students of marine life.

Between 1960 and 1985 observers were concerned to see signs of depletion of marine life and hence a long campaign was initiated with the aim of ensuring that better management would ensure the survival of a rich abundance of sea life.

The declaration of a Marine Sanctuary in 2002 marked the start of an increase in the creatures inhabiting the reefs and of fish numbers.The Tea House, constructed on the site of an earlier kiosk (which was destroyed by fire), attracts visitors from near and distant places.

On the inland side of Beach Road stand the bluffs which mark an earlier line of cliffs cut when the sea was at a higher level. In 1890 Matthew Lang, a successful Melbourne wine merchant and Mayor of Melbourne, ordered the construction of a mansion on this high ground, known as The Point.

In 1919 Thomas Turner Shaw purchased the property. His son, Major Harry Turner Shaw, had served in the Royal Flying Corps during the Great War and after the War maintained his love of flying.

An old resident recalled that Turner Shaw added to the interest of the district by flying his plane to and from The Point and landing in the property which surrounded the home.

The property was eventually subdivided and the great house demolished in 1959, but the memory remains through the naming of Point Avenue.

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