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Working at Bayside

Working at Bayside

About the location

  • Bayside City Council's Corporate Centre is located in Sandringham and overlooks a nature reserve and is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5pm.
  • Staff have access to Permit Parking within the Corporate Centre carpark, or all-day parking on Royal Avenue. Staff also receive a Bayside Beach Parking Permit.
  • Sandringham train station is a 15-minute walk, or you can catch the 600-bus from the station.
  • A lunch room equipped with a television, microwave, coffee, snack machines and courtyard facilities.
  • Access to a locked bike storage facility, along with lockers to store personal items.
  • Shower facilities.

Organisation values and behaviours

As an organisation we share a set of values and behaviours that provide a work environment in which every staff member is treated with respect, and has the opportunity to contribute to the success of the organisation while realising their own potential.

This means we harness the unique skills and abilities that each individual brings to the organisation.

Bayside City Council values:

  • Respect each other
  • Own it
  • Work together
  • Find better ways

Health program

Bayside City Council's Health Program provides staff with the opportunity to participate in monthly activities including:

  • neck and shoulder massage
  • one hour lunch seminars on health topics
  • blood pressure and cholesterol checks
  • skin checks to monitor sun damage
  • free flu vaccinations
  • participation in the Australian Corporate Games

Council recognises that healthy workplaces require a high level of commitment towards staff safety and job satisfaction.

Salary sacrifice

Council's salary sacrifice scheme gives staff the option to 'sacrifice' part of their cash salary into additional superannuation contributions. Salary sacrifice is also available:

  • where staff are offered a Council vehicle as part of a package
  • for membership fees of professional organisations, relating to the role of the staff member
  • Metcard tickets (yearly).

Family friendly

Council is committed to providing flexible work arrangements that support staff members in meeting their family commitments and balancing their work with non-work commitments, subject to operational needs and service delivery requirements being maintained and also having regard to cost implications for Council.

The following family friendly initiatives form part of the Bayside Workplace Agreement:

  • home based work arrangements
  • 48/52 employment (ability for up to eight weeks leave granted per year, including four weeks leave without pay)
  • parental leave
  • job share
  • leave without pay
  • pressing necessity leave
  • nursing mothers
  • after hours dependent care
  • child care
  • cultural and ceremonial leave
  • return to work after extended leave

All of the above initiatives are approached on an individual employee basis, to meet the needs of both the employee and their department.

Leave from previous employment (long service and sick leave)

Where a new staff member has prior service (within the past 12 months) at a Victorian Local Council, the accrued Long Service Leave balance may be transferred to Bayside.

Up to a maximum of 20 days sick leave can also be transferred to Bayside. Any transfer of Long Service Leave will be made in accordance with the Local Government (Long Service Leave Regulations) 2002.

In the case of Victorian State Government Departments, Bayside has in place reciprocal agreements for the transfer of Long Service Leave. Sick Leave is not transferable.

Similarly these agreements are also in place with some state government instrumentalities.

However, unlike staff from another Victorian Local Council, there is no requirement for Bayside to recognise prior service from interstate local councils, State or Federal governments, or private sector organisations.

To check if a you will be eligible to transfer your Long Service Leave balance to Bayside please contact the Human Resources Unit on 9599 4472.

Professional development

Council supports and encourages staff to complete further training and development.

Council offers study assistance packages for courses related to an individuals job role.

Council offers staff a comprehensive program of training courses delivered in-house and the opportunity to attend external workshops and seminars.

In addition staff are able to apply to complete further study at certificate, diploma, degree or post graduate level. Subsidies are available for course fees as is the option of salary packaging.

The training and development opportunities available mean that staff can learn new skills to assist them in their current position with Council and with their future career development.

Performance plan

All staff members participate in Council's Performance Plan process.

Performance Plans allow staff to work with their Manager to set goals to obtain results linked to the overall Council goals as outlined within the Council Plan, and to identify training and development needs.


Council will continue to create and maintain an accessible and inclusive environment for staff and the Bayside community.

Bayside City Council strives towards:

  • Every person being valued within Bayside.
  • Every person whatever their needs and circumstances, having the opportunity to develop their full potential and to participate in all aspects of work and community life.
  • Recognising the uniqueness and diversity of all individuals and the role they play in enriching our society.
  • In the case of employment with Bayside, giving due consideration to any reasonable specific adjustments necessary to the workplace to accommodate a staff member.

Social club

A Calendar of Events is produced each year including the Bayside Social Club Christmas Party, Twilight Bowling, Gold Class Cinema night, BBQ lunches, Social Club evenings each month and many more events, all for a small fortnightly contribution by staff arranged via Payroll.

Social Club staff members can also access discounts for gym memberships and movie tickets.


Bayside's Environmental Sustainability Framework guides Council in its work with the Bayside community by helping it to achieve more environmentally sustainable outcomes.

Bayside joined Cities for Climate Protection™ (CCP). CCP™ is an innovative international campaign that helps local government and their communities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the environment.

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