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About the Ellen José Student Reconciliation Student Awards

The Ellen José Student Reconciliation Awards honour the life of Torres Strait Elder Ellen José. Ellen’s contribution to the arts and Bayside was outstanding and inspirational in raising awareness of reconciliation.

Established in 2018, the Ellen José Student Reconciliation Awards are aimed at Bayside primary and secondary school students, bringing awareness of reconciliation to our young people, who are the future of Australia, through art and writing. Entrants are asked to interpret "What Reconciliation means through their eyes" in their artwork or writing piece.

Now in their fourth year, the awards reflect Ellen Jose’s inspirational commitment to building awareness of reconciliation in Bayside and beyond.

The Ellen José Memorial Foundation supports the Awards. 


Resource for teachers

An education resource to support teachers has been produced by Council.

Educational resource



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Banner image credit: Talia Marr (detail), Grade 6, Black Rock PS.