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Family violence awareness

Abuse can come in many forms, doesn't necessarily mean physical harm and can impact any member of the family violence. It is never acceptable and there is always help available.

As a White Ribbon organisation, we are committed to working towards a community free from family violence.

If you are in immediate danger call the police on 000.

If you are concerned that your internet activity is being tracked by someone you know, you may want to delete your recent internet history after exiting this section. See types of family violence for more information.

Who can I talk to about family violence?

Family violence is difficult to talk about, but support is there for you. Confidential help is available to make you safe and put you in control of the support your receive. 

Abuse can come in various forms, from control to physical violence, and while women are the most common victims, men can also be sufferers.

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What is family violence?

Family and domestic violence is any violent, threatening, coercive or controlling behaviour that occurs in current or past family, domestic or intimate relationships.

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Our role in preventing family violence

As a White Ribbon organisation, we are working towards a community free from family violence. We are committed to a community approach to prevent and support those affected. We continue to stand in partnership with the community to put an end to family violence.

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