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Advocating to other levels of government in the interests of our community is an essential role of local government.

Through our advocacy we are the voice of our community, working to deliver infrastructure, services and policy in partnership with other levels of government to meet current and long-term needs.

Our advocacy focuses on initiatives under three key themes. These are Our Planet, Our People and Our Place. They support the aspirations of the Bayside 2050 Community Vision and actions in the Council Plan 2021-2025.

We are also working with other local governments across our region to advocate on issues that impact our communities. Find out more about our joint advocacy 

Our advocacy priorities

Suburban Rail Loop

We are seeking strong outcomes for Bayside from the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL), with increased transport integration and enhanced amenity within the broader station precinct.

What we need

  • Positive outcomes in the station precinct and adjacent areas where the Suburban Rail Loop Authority is the responsible authority
  • Strong integration between the SRL and other sustainable transport modes to improve public transport services
  • Minimise impacts of construction to residents, community organisations and businesses
  • Consideration between the connection between Sandringham Train Station and the new SRL station
  • Consideration for Bay Road review/upgrades to facilitate movement between stations.

Community impact and benefits

  • Enhanced community amenity in the SRL precinct including improved streetscape, open space and pedestrian connectivity outcomes
  • Improved public transport and resulting reduction in private car travel
  • Reduced traffic congestion and increased road safety in the precinct.

Concerns on the SRL Precinct Key Directions

The impact of planning changes proposed in the Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) Precinct Key Directions will be felt across Bayside, particularly in the communities of Highett, Hampton East, Cheltenham and Pennydale.

Council is very concerned about impacts of the SRL precinct key directions including excessive height limits, increased traffic congestion and a squeeze on open space and community infrastructure. Find out more about Council's concerns.

Council endorsed a submission to the SRL Draft Precinct Vision for Cheltenham SRL East at its 19 March 2024 Meeting.

Find out about Council's community engagement on the project and the Victorian Government's Suburban Rail Loop.

Erosion solutions

We are seeking a proactive approach to managing coastal erosion processes caused by the climate emergency. As a coastal municipality, Bayside is highly exposed to climate risk from sea level rise, flooding and extreme storm events.

What we need

  • Funding, policy and program support for coastal assets impacted by erosion
  • Environmental protection for Ricketts’ Point Marine Sanctuary and the Beaumaris Cliffs by inclusion on the National Heritage register following renomination.

Community impact and benefits

Victorian and Australian Government support for this priority will help to mitigate impacts on the coastal environment, assets and communities including:

  • Protect natural ecosystems and community infrastructure on our foreshore including the iconic Dendy Beach bathing boxes and heritage beachscape
  • Enhanced amenity of coastal environment for residents and visitors.

Effective climate emergency response

We are seeking a cohesive and consistent response to the climate emergency to reduce emissions and mitigate the impacts of change.

What we need

Policy and funding support to help transition to Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan target of net community carbon emissions by 2035:

  • A sliding scale on emissions reduction and renewal energy rebates to remove/lift income/property value tax thresholds for rebates
  • A strategic approach and greater federal/state alignment in the investment, incentives and roll out of community emissions reduction technology
  • Support for active and sustainable transport initiatives including cycle paths and bus network enhancements
  • Funding for the transition to green power including the delivery of community batteries
  • Support for community education and mitigation programs to help prepare for the impacts of climate changing including heat risk for vulnerable members of our community.

Community impact and benefits

Victorian and Australian Government support for this priority will help provide a proactive and tangible response to the climate emergency locally including:

  • Swifter transition to net zero community emissions
  • Better prepared communities and reduced risk to vulnerable residents from extreme weather events.

Warm Water Pool

We are seeking $10 million to build an environmentally sustainable warm water pool facility to enhance recreation and rehabilitation services for our ageing community. Extensive community engagement has been undertaken and works are due to begin toward the end of 2024.

What we need

  • Funding for a specialist warm water pool facility to provide gentle exercise and rehabilitation within Bayside and the broader region
  • Funding will assist Council to deliver a low emissions, environmentally responsible facility.

Community impact and benefits

  • Fulfills long term community need for a warm water facility in Bayside which is an ageing community (the second oldest in Victoria)
  • Provides rehabilitation and gentle exercise facilities to assist residents to regain and maintain mobility, confidence and health after injury
  • Complements our commitment to delivering higher levels of care to our ageing community via Bayside Care and Support aged care services.

Bay health

We are seeking an ongoing commitment and funding for a range of measures to enhance water quality and biodiversity in Port Phillip Bay

What we need

  • Improvements to or funding for upgrades to waste capture infrastructure in drainage feeding into the bay
  • Support and funding for interim pollution and waste solutions (litter traps)
  • Endorsement and support for greater coordination for coastal management.

Community impact and benefits

  • Improved water quality and ecosystem health in Port Phillip Bay
  • A consistent and streamlined neighbourhood approach to managing our coastline and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

We are advocating to the Victorian Government for improved public transport services in Bayside, particularly in the southern part of our municipality.

Billilla Mansion upgrades

We are seeking support for the communities’ vision for Billilla as a centre for the creative arts, building community connections and hospitality.

What we need

  • $3million in funding for upgrades to the heritage building and gardens
  • Funding and support for creative and cultural programming.

Community impact and benefits

  • Support for the regional creative sector, education and volunteering
  • Enabling the community to engage in the building in a local and creative way.
  • Potential opportunity for a local social enterprise to engage with the space.

Noisy Miner pest declaration

We are seeking declaration of the Noisy Minor as a pest species and resulting management strategies to reduce their environmental impact on native wildlife.

What we need

  • A review of the Victorian Wildlife Act 1975 to incorporate the declaration of the Noisy Miner as a pest species.

Community impact and benefits

  • Access to pest animal mitigation programs and funding due to the declaration
  • Enhanced environmental biodiversity due to pest eradication.

Level crossing removals

We are seeking strong precinct and transport outcomes from the level crossing removals at Highett and Wickham Roads. Bayside welcomes the Victorian Government's commitment to remove the level crossings.

What we need

  • Enhanced urban design, integrated transport and open space outcomes within the rail precinct.

 Community impact and benefits

  • Traffic and pedestrian safety
  • Faster public transport connections
  • Streetscape and open space improvements in the local area.
  • Support for our community to have their say and be kept informed on this Victorian Government project.

Support for other initiatives

We are also seeking action on a range of other initiatives including funding, policy and service upgrades. These include:

  • enhanced safety on pedestrian railway crossings across Bayside
  • greater affordable and social housing in our region, particularly for low income residents and key workers. Much of Bayside’s social housing stock is ageing and in many cases, no longer fit for purpose. Bayside welcomes the Victorian Government’s Big Housing Build program to upgrade and expand social housing including at New Street in Brighton and Hampton East and seek further improvements at other social housing sites across Bayside. Our Affordable Housing Strategy guides how we can assist the increase in supply of appropriate and accessible affordable housing in Bayside.
  • support to help our residents navigate upcoming changes to aged care assessments and the provision of in-home aged care services.

Successful advocacy

Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve - the Australian Government committed $6 million to the implementation of the masterplan and pledged a further $11.7 million towards the reserve and Elster Creek under the Urban Rivers and Catchments program.

Elwood Diversion Drain Augmentation Project - Bayside joined other partners to successfully advocate to the Victorian Government for funding to increase the capacity of the drain can help to reduce flood risk in the Elwood and Brighton area.

The Dingley Recycled Water Scheme’s new 42km pipeline will deliver recycled water to 46 sites across the Kingston, Monash, and Bayside communities including in Cheltenham, Sandringham and Beaumaris.

Render of Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve gateway building.

Image description - Artist's renders of the Gateway Building at Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve.