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Councillor code of conduct

Bayside City Councillors are committed to working together in the best interests of the people within our municipality.

Our commitment to working together constructively will enable us to work and empower the community by taking a strategic and forward-thinking approach to our future. One that is mindful of our heritage, enhances our environment, creates economic growth and fosters a strong community spirit.

What is our Councillor code of conduct?

This code of conduct is part of our commitment to governing our city effectively and adhering to the principles of good governance.

Good governance is the combination of well-established processes, protocols and behaviours which lead to good decisions.

Good decisions are those which are informed by evidence and good advice, contributed to and understood by communities, underpinned by integrity and make sense in the long term interests of the community.

We also recognise that good governance means ensuring that the diversity of views and opinions in our community are given proper weight in the decision making process. However, good governance is also about accountable leadership. When we meet as a Council and take decisions, those decisions must be made in the long term best interests of the whole municipality.

The code of conduct does not apply to Council staff. Council staff are bound by an employees code of conduct.