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The City of Bayside was created on 14 December 1994. It was comprised of the former City of Brighton, the former City of Sandringham and part of the former City of Mordialloc west of Charman Road (the Beaumaris area) and part of the City of Moorabbin between the railway and Charman Road.

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City of Brighton

The Greater Brighton Road District was constituted in 1858. In late 1858, after receiving two petitions, the Government proclaimed the Municipality of Brighton. The municipal status grew as Brighton changed from a seaside town to an outer suburb. It was proclaimed a Borough in 1863, a Town in 1887, and finally, the City of Brighton in 1919.

City of Sandringham

The Moorabbin Road District was proclaimed in 1862 and became the Shire of Moorabbin in 1871. In 1917, after five attempts over 30 years, parts of the West and South ridings were severed to create the Borough of Sandringham and three years later parts of the South and Cheltenham ridings were spilt off to create the Borough of Mentone and Mordialloc. The two Boroughs became the Town of Sandringham and the Town of Mentone and Mordialloc in 1919 and 1923 respectively and Sandringham the City of Sandringham in 1923.

City of Moorabbin

Created a District on 16 May 1862 and later proclaimed a Shire in January 1871. A portion of Moorabbin Shire severed and annexed to Brighton Town in 1912 and a portion severed in 1917.  The Borough of Mentone and Mordialloc was established in 1920 and re-subdivided in 1929 and later proclaimed a City in 1934.

City of Mordialloc

Created a Borough of Mentone and Mordialloc by severance from Moorabbin Shire in May 1920. Redefined a portion of Moorabbin Shire being severed and annexed in 1921.  Declared a Town in April 1923 and name changed to Town of Mordialloc in April 1923 and later gazetted a City on 5 May 1926.

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