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Billilla Advisory Committee

The Billilla Advisory Committee was established in August 2022 to:

  • foster accessible cultural programs and activities at Billilla Homestead
  • provide safe, supported community spaces for local people to engage in a wide range of activities in the building and grounds
  • provide the community with opportunities for creative expression, engagement and lifelong learning in the building and grounds.

The objectives of the Advisory Committee are to:

  • assist and advise Council on the future use of Billilla as endorsed by Council
  • ensure the intent of the Conversation Management Plan for the grounds and mansion is adhered to
  • advise Council on the priorities for development of Billilla and provide a source of review; analysis and advice on strategic planning
  • raise issues or make suggestions about the general management of Billilla
  • identify opportunities for programming at Billilla in line with Council adopted future uses
  • develop guidelines for the use of the Billilla facility and rooms
  • monitor and review booking schedule to ensure equitable and frequency of use
  • promote and monitor equitable community access to Billilla
  • work with Council to promote and advance the profile of Billilla
  • encourage and promote effective communication between community groups, individuals and Council
  • make recommendations to Council on matters such as strategic policy direction and required capital works in accordance with the Conservation Management Plan for Billilla
  • encourage potential donors, philanthropic organisations and/or funding bodies to support the goals of the Committee.

The membership of the Committee comprises:

  • 2 Councillors 
  • 2 Experts – representing heritage conservation and cultural programming etc. i.e heritage architect; historian; curator etc (Bayside residents).
  • 10 Residents, rate payers or people with strong connections to or interest in, Billilla (including at least 1 person under the age of 25)

Current membership:

Cr Alex del Porto (Chairperson)
Cr Hanna El Mouallem

Community representatives
Ruth Bain                                     
Margot Burke
Louise Cooper-Shaw                    
Adam Dunning
Kate Harman                                
Craig Jackett
Theodora Jenkin                          
Peter Kharsas
Charles Reis                               
Barry Smith
Thomas Stamp                           
Gayle Wilson