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Council wards

Bayside City Council’s electoral structure and ward boundaries changed as of the October 2020 Council election. Bayside has moved to a single-member ward structure going from three to seven wards as specified in the Victoria Government’s new Local Government Act 2020.

In determining names for the seven-ward-structure, Council considered the historical significance of the area, well known places and notable individuals, particularly females, to provide a great mix of names that reflect our wonderful municipality.

The new ward boundaries and names were adopted at that 19 May 2020 Ordinary Meeting of Council and applicable as of the October 2020 Council election. The wards are outlined in the below map and descriptions.

Bayside ward map


Beckett Ward

Named after Clarice Beckett, (1887–1933). One of Bayside’s most significant female artists. Beckett usually painted in the early morning or at dusk, around the bays and streets of her family home in Beaumaris and nearby areas including Black Rock, Sandringham and Brighton. Depicting images of ordinary life, these works remain unique for their time and are held in Australia’s major state and regional galleries.

Bleazby Ward

Named after Elizabeth Bleazby first female Councillor of the City of Brighton from 1930 to 1946 and the daughter of former Mayor, Councillor and Premier of Victoria The Hon. Thomas Bent.

Boyd Ward

Named after the Boyd family of painters, sculptors, authors, potters and an architect. The family in various branches lived in Brighton, Sandringham, Black Rock and Beaumaris over more than a century and the women of the families were artists in their own right. The generations of the artists painted extensively along the foreshore and beaches, designed beautiful houses particularly in Beaumaris and the sculpture on the corner of Bluff Road and Royal Avenue which was created in Edward Street, Black Rock.

Castlefield Ward

Named after the historical post war housing estate.

Dendy Ward          

Named after Henry Dendy, a historical landowner who owned a significant amount of land in 1841 on which the City of Brighton was developed.

Ebden Ward

Named after Charles Ebden, former Member of Parliament from 1843, former Auditor General for the State of Victoria and significant land and home owner of Black Rock House located in Black Rock.

Ivison Ward

Named after Ruby May Ivison MBE, the first female Councillor of the City of Sandringham from 1961 to 1976 and Mayor of the City for the 1967–68 and 1973–74 Council years.

Visit the VEC’s Bayside City Council page for more detailed Bayside electoral ward information, or to check your Bayside Council ward by entering your address, visit the VEC electoral ward lookup page.

Boundary descriptions

Beckett Ward – east of Keating street to Balcombe Road to Reserve Road, north to Weatherall road to the eastern boundary and the southern boundary.

Bleazby Ward – from the rail line to the eastern boundary, encompassing Dendy Street from the rail line to Hampton Street, Hampton Street from Dendy Street to Marriage Road.

Boyd Ward – the rail line heading towards Hampton Street, down Willis Street and Fewster Road to Cummins Road, South down Bluff Road to locality boundary.

Castlefield Ward – from the eastern boundary between Marriage Road and Cummins Road, down Cummins Road to Fewster Road and Wills Street to Hampton Street, south on Hampton Street to the rail line.

Dendy Ward – from the northern boundary of Bayside along the eastern boundary to the rail line that runs between Nepean Highway and South Road.

Ebden Ward – from locality boundary to Bluff road, north to Bay Road to the eastern boundary, south to Weatherall Road to Reserve Road, west to Balcombe Road to Keating Street to Beach Road.

Ivison Ward – east of Cummins Road and Bluff road to Bay Road, to the eastern boundary.