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Improvements at Elsternwick Park Oval 1

In 2022, Council was successful in securing a State Government grant to deliver improvements at Elsternwick Park Oval 1.

Upgrades include:

  • Updating the sportsground lighting 
  • Improved facilities for scorers
  • Safety lighting in the car park 
  • Behind the goal netting. 

Sportsground lighting upgrade

We’re planning to upgrade the existing lighting system to meet Australian standards for community sports competition and training purposes.

The existing sportsground lighting does not achieve the minimum lighting standards for safe play, limiting the flexibility of fixturing and increasing risk to player safety through poor visibility during scheduled training.

Below is an example of a sportsground lighting system

Image of sportsground lighting system

Modern lighting systems provide built-in baffle technology to lessen the extent of a light spill outside of the area of play, mitigating the impact on surrounding residents and the nature reserve. To further reduce this impact, additional shields are being installed and investigations into impacts on fauna residing in the nature reserve have been undertaken, with no impact identified.

The upgraded lighting system includes the installation of four x 30 metre masts with 40 x LED luminaires in line with Council’s environmental sustainability framework to reduce our carbon footprint. 

The lighting system will be controlled by mobile phone technology and will automatically turn off at 9.30pm weekdays and 8.00pm on weekends (if twilight games are fixtured). The existing lighting system will remain in place until the new system is commissioned to ensure continuity of play for tenant football clubs.

An external consultant, that specialises in solutions for natural and built environments was engaged to conduct an impact assessment to determine if the proposed lighting upgrade would have a negative impact on the fauna surrounding the reserve.  The study determined there is minimal impact expected at the Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve 

The sportsground lighting works are scheduled to begin in late March 2024. Works will occur between 7am and 4pm weekdays with only minor disruptions to residents and park users expected.

Extension of the existing pavilion – first floor

It is proposed that the pavilion be extended from the first-floor social space across the roof of the existing kiosk to provide a clear line of site across the sportsground for game day officials. The design will mirror the existing pavilion to maintain the integrity of the architectural design. The proposed extension does not exceed the existing footprint and will be subject to building permit conditions.

Below is an image of the existing pavilion.

Image of location for the pavilion extension

Behind the goal netting

Old Melburnians Football Club will install behind the goal netting to prevent footballs entering the path of travel of vehicles on Glen Huntly Road. A building permit is required to complete these works with soil and contamination testing currently underway. Below is an example of behind the goal netting. 

Image of example of goal netting

Security lighting – pavilion exterior and car park

To assist pedestrians’ safety relating to access and egress at the reserve it is proposed that additional lighting be installed on the exterior walls of the pavilion and two standalone poles in the car park and will be controlled by a timer.

More information

Should you have any questions about these works, please contact Jinty Barden, Recreation Projects Officer at or phone 03 9599 4836


Image of Elsternwick Park Oval 1 pavilion