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Artistic engineering - a creative solution for Allard Street bridge

We’re improving safety and minimising risk on the narrow Allard Street bridge in Brighton by creating a shared use zone for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. We’re reducing the speed limit to 10km/h and highlighting the shared zone with a colourful, eye-catching “Road Garden” painted onto the bridge’s road surface by local artist Julia Gorman.

Allard Street shared zone design

Decorative designs on roads have been associated with lower vehicle speeds and this creative traffic management solution is intended to minimise risks for all road and footpath users.

Works on the bridge will also include:

  • New speed humps on both sides of the bridge
  • Trimming some vegetation
  • Minor footpath realignment
  • Lighting to improve visibility at night

We’re seeking formal authorisation from the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) for this change to traffic conditions. Subject to gaining approval from DTP, we’ll deliver the project mid-2024.

Please contact Ranjani Jha, Senior Project Manager on 03 9599 4863 or; or Arts and Culture Program Coordinator, Giacomina Pradolin on 03 9599 4371 or, if you have any questions or would like to discuss further.