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Organisational structure

Our purpose:

"We exist to create extraordinary places, thriving communities, better futures."

Find out more about our leaders, the areas they oversee and our organisation chart (see below).


Bachelor of Business
Graduate Diploma in Management

Mick was appointed as Chief Executive Officer in July 2018, having held the position of Director Corporate Services since commencing at Bayside City Council in June 2012. Prior to this, he was General Manager Corporate Services at Frankston City Council. Mick has extensive experience across all facets of local government and, in particular, in the areas of finance, governance, organisational development, customer service and community services.

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Bachelor of Arts (Hons)
Graduate Diploma Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Master of Training and Development

Jill joined Bayside City Council as Director Corporate Services in November 2018 from her previous role as Executive Manager People and Governance at the City of Manningham. Jill has worked in both the public and private sectors and has over 20 years’ experience in local government. She has extensive experience across the areas of governance, legal, people and change, risk, and corporate strategy.

Areas of responsibility:

Commercial Services
Financial Services
Governance and Reporting
Information Technology
Internal/External Auditing
Project Management

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Graduate Diploma Accounting
Master of Business Administration
Master of Politics and Public policy

Adam was appointed the Director Environment, Recreation and Infrastructure at Bayside City Council in April 2020. Prior to this, he was the Chief Executive Officer at Edward River Council in NSW and has more than 12 years’ experience in local government. Adam has extensive experience in the areas of project planning and delivery, recreation, sustainability and open space service provision and implementing across organisation change initiatives.

Areas of responsibility

Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Programs
Recycling and Waste Services
Traffic Management and Integrated Transport Planning
Recreation and Events Open Space and Foreshore Management and Maintenance
Community Wellbeing
Infrastructure Management and Maintenance
Capital Project Management and Delivery

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Visit Environment and Sustainability

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Graduate Certificate Business Administration

Master of Social Science (Environment & Planning)

Bachelor of Arts (Urban Studies)

Registered Planner

Matthew was appointed Director City Planning & Amenity in August 2021, having held the position of Manager Development Services since commencing at Bayside City Council in 2018. Prior to this, he was the Director Planning & Economic Development at Baw Baw Shire Council. Matthew has 25 years’ experience in local government in the areas of land use and development, sustainability and environment, economic development, business and change management.

Areas of responsibility:

Asset Protection

Animal Management


Economic Development

Environmental Health

Local Laws & Investigations

Statutory and Strategic Planning

A biography of Kirsty Green is coming soon.

Areas of responsibility:

Arts and Culture
Customer Service
Community Services
Communications and Engagement
Customer Experience

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Arts and culture
Children and family
Older residents
News, social mediaLet's Talk Bayside magazine and Have Your Say

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Areas of responsibility:

People and Capability
Learning and Growth
Improvement and Change Management
Service Planning and Reviews
Organisational Strategy

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Jobs and careers
Our vision and values

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Our organisation chart

Organisation chart detailed under 'accessible version of organisation chart'.

Reporting to the CEO

Corporate Services

  • Finance
  • Commercial Services
  • Governance    
  • Information Technology
  • Enterprise Project Management Office

Community & Customer Experience

  • Community Services    
  • Customer & Cultural Services
  • Customer Experience
  • Communications and Engagement

City Planning & Amenity

  • Development Services 
  • Urban Strategy
  • Amenity Protection  

Environment, Recreation & Infrastructure

  • Open Space, Recreation & Wellbeing
  • Sustainability & Transport
  • Project Services  
  • City Assets and Presentation

People and Strategy