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Request to be heard at a Council meeting

Requests to be Heard currently closed

There are currently no meetings open for Requests to be Heard. Please see the 'Council meetings, agendas and minutes' page for details on upcoming meetings.


When to use this form:

To lodge a Request to be Heard in respect of eligible Agenda items for a:

  • Council / Special Council Meeting
  • Planning and Amenity Delegated Committee Meeting

Council Meetings: Important Notice

As per guidance from the Department of Health on COVIDSafe plans for workplaces, physical distancing of 1.5m must be observed within the Council Chamber. On this basis, a maximum of 25 members of the public is possible in the Chamber at any one time.

Access to the public gallery for Council or Delegated Committee meetings is open to all community members; however, admittance may need to be staggered and waiting areas utilised. Council officers will be present to ensure speakers/interested parties for a particular item are present in the gallery for the consideration of that item. 

There are limitations on the number of speakers permitted per item in accordance with Council's Governance Rules. Members of the community may also lodge a written statement for consideration (no limits per item apply) - see 'full procedures for individual presentations' below).

All Requests to be Heard (Registrations to Speak or Written Statements) must be received by 9am the business day before the relevant meeting.

Governance Rules
(Meeting Procedures) Division 10 – Individual Presentations

60. Time of Request

(1) A request to speak and/or a written statement must be sent electronically or delivered to/lodged at Council’s Corporate Centre before 9:00 am on the business day immediately preceding the designated Delegated Committee or Council Meeting.

(2) The request to speak and/or written statement must specify the name, address and contact telephone number of the person and the item to which their request and/or written statement relates to.

(3) Requests to speak and/or written statements received after 9:00am on the business day immediately preceding the designated meeting will not be considered by the Delegated Committee or Council (as the case may be).

62. Limitations Upon Presentations


(1) An individual addressing the Delegated Committee or Council Meeting cannot speak for more than 2 Minutes and no further extension of time can be granted.

  • Council Meetings:

A maximum of 10 registered speakers per item to be accepted. (up to 5 speakers ‘for’ and up to 5 speakers ‘against’ the recommendation.

  • Planning and Amenity Delegated Committee Meetings:

A maximum of 10 registered speakers per item to be accepted (up to 7 objectors, and up to 3 supporters).

(2) Where a group or association wishes to be heard at a Meeting, they must nominate only one authorised spokesperson for the group or association to speak for an issue upon which the group or association may wish to be heard.

(3) Where an individual has requested that another individual speak on their behalf, the spokesperson must not have spoken or be listed to speak in relation to that item.

(4) A maximum of 1 member per place of residence may speak to an item (address to be provided at time of registration).

(5) Where a member of the public has requested to be heard in relation to an item on the Agenda, and they are not present at the time of calling them to the microphone, and subsequently arrives in the gallery after their name has been called or once the debate on the item has commenced, the person previously called will not be afforded the opportunity to speak to the item.

(6) A Councillor must not ask the speaker to continue the speaking opportunity after the 2 Minutes has expired. Only questions to the speaker relating to clarification of points raised by the speaker may be asked of the speaker.

(7) A list of registered speakers to eligible agenda items is provided to Councillors and published via Council’s website on the business day immediately preceding the designated meeting.

Written Statements

(8) An individual may submit a written statement (maximum of four (4) A4 single pages).

(9) Any statement which is derogatory, or defamatory of any Councillor, member of Council staff, or member of the community may be redacted or not accepted by the Chief executive Officer or their delegate.

(10) Formal written statements received in relation to an eligible agenda items will be provided to all Councillors and published via Council’s website on the business day immediately preceding the designated meeting.

(11) Written statements will not be read out at the relevant meeting; however, the Chairperson will advise the meeting of the number of statements received to each item and the names of the submitters. The names of the submitters will be published in the Minutes of the meeting.

Meetings are live-streamed via Council's website: 

Live-stream the Council meeting