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Mayor, Cr Fiona Stitfold

Telephone: 0409 608 419

Fax: (03) 9598 4474

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Cr Fiona Stitfold


As one of a family with five generations of connection to Bayside, Mayor and Councillor Fiona Stitfold grew up in Sandringham then left to work and live in different places both in Australia and overseas. 

After working in Peacekeeping Missions as the Programme Manager for the United Nations Volunteers, Cr Stitfold studied Environment, Development and Peace at the University for Peace.  Since returning a few years ago, she has volunteered with the Black Rock and Sandringham Conservation Association and the Bayside Nursery.  Cr Stitfold believes our role is as a custodial species and this designation of purpose gives us the reason for being here; and that the Earth Charter sets out the values and objectives by which we can live for a sustainable, just and peaceful world.

Through serving on Council and collaborating with the community, with the focus on custodial purpose, Cr Stitfold hopes to create connections to achieve patterns of sustainability, health – both mental and physical, community strength and resilience, resilience to climate change and shocks, care for biodiversity and country, and justice.