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Book a hard waste collection

Who can book a collection?

We provide 2 hard waste collections for our residential customers each year. This service is not offered to schools, churches, businesses, commercial or not-for-profit organisations.

Before booking a collection

  1. Review the hard waste rules and guidelines
  2. Consider more environmentally friendly ways of disposing of your hard waste
  3. Make sure your waste is on the nature strip the day you book

If your items are not on your nature strip before the collection happens, you will lose 1 of your 2 free bookings.

Items will be collected within 1–4 working days after booking.

Are any of your items suitable for resale or reuse?

Give your items a second life

While e-waste, metals, tyres, tied green waste and mattresses are recovered and recycled, other items will unfortunately go to landfill.

Full list of hard waste alternatives

Complete your hard waste booking

You can still use this form to book a hard waste collection for your other items.

Is your hard waste on your nature strip?

Your items must be on your nature strip the day you book. We will collect you items within 1–4 working days after you make your booking.

You will lose one of your two free bookings if your items are not on your nature strip before the collection happens.

Make sure we can pick up your hard waste by reviewing the hard waste guidelines before preparing your collection.

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Pick one or more item type for collection
My hard waste items are on my nature strip and my booking complies with the hard waste guidelines.

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