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Bayside Waste and Recycling Centre

Check before you visit

You can now check which items are currently being accepted at the CopperRock Bayside Waste and Recycling Centre via the status updates.

Service update tracker

Paint/paint tins

The Waste and Recycling Centre is again accepting paint and paint tins. Please see tips for managing unwanted paint for more information. 

Do NOT visit if:

  • you have symptoms of respiratory disease (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath).
  • have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to your visit.

When visiting the Waste and Recycling Centre:

  • Ensure you are wearing a facemask correctly.
  • Drive directly to the weighbridge office, do not leave your vehicle, the centre's staff will come to you.
  • Customers will be directed to appropriate disposal locations, you may then leave your vehicle for unloading.
  • Always keep appropriate current social distance from others.
  • Please follow instructions delivered by yard staff.
  • Contactless card transactions are preferred. 
  • Enclosed shoes must be worn. 

What is accepted at the Waste and Recycling Centre?

Bayside residents can dispose of the following materials free of charge. Items must be separated and placed in designated areas:

  • aluminium and steel cans
  • glass and plastic bottles
  • milk and juice cartons
  • paper and cardboard (quantities up to a boot-load will be accepted free of charge. Anything larger will be deemed as a commercial load and will incur a fee)
  • wine bottle corks
  • household batteries
  • car batteries
  • scrap metal and white goods
  • LPG gas bottles
  • household paint – empty or full paint tins up to 100 litres of trade or residential paints that adhere to Paintback's accepted product list
  • household fluorescent tubes (commercial quantities not accepted)
  • household light globes compact fluorescent globes (commercial quantities not accepted)
  • e-waste – printers, monitors, central processing units of computers.

New home for e-waste

Fees and charges

  • general hard rubbish
  • green waste
  • building and demolition or renovation materials
  • motor oil
  • tyres
  • mattresses
  • some e-waste items.

Find the full price list

E-waste items free of charge

  • computers
  • computer parts (hard drives, motherboards, CPU’s and CD driver)
  • computer accessories (keyboards, mouse, joysticks and web cameras)
  • tables and notebooks
  • servers
  • televisions.

You can also buy garden and building supplies at the centre, including soils, sands, mulches and pebbles.

Materials not accepted

  • asbestos
  • chemicals
  • waste that can decay (e.g. food waste).

Managing unwanted paint

Paint cannot be poured down household or storm water drains. You can take paint to the Waste and Recycling Centre - they accept empty or full paint tins up to 100 litres of trade or residential paints that adhere to Paintback's accepted product list

Other ways to manage your paint:

Water-based paints

You can treat water-based paints with a waste paint hardener, this will turn the liquid paint into a solid block, which can then be stored until you can dispose of it responsibly.

Solvent-based paints

You can dispose of small amounts of solvent-based paints by pouring it onto a material such as shredded paper, newspaper or kitty litter; these materials will absorb the paint. Allow to dry before responsibly disposing in your general waste bin.

Empty paint tins and lids can then be placed in your recycling bin.

Storing your paint

Maybe your leftover paint could be used for another project?

If this is the case, keep the paint, brush and/or roller in the paint tray and cover with alfoil.

Once ready to start painting again, you can simply run the brush (or roller) over some newspaper a couple times and you’ll be good to go.

Once you’re finished, you can use water to wash your materials if using water-based paints, or mineral turps for solvent-based paints. Then wrap the clean brushes with newspaper and secure with a rubber band.

You can store excess paint in the can with the lid on, ready for your next project or until the Paintback scheme has resumed and the Waste and Recycling Centre can recommence accepting it.

Location and opening times

Change to open days

Open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 4pm. Closed Sundays and public holidays.


144 Talinga Road, Cheltenham VIC 3192


(03) 9585 4385

Copperrock website

High winds may close the centre

Please note, in extreme weather conditions and at times of high winds, the centre may be closed to ensure public health and safety.

If winds are high, please call (03) 9585 4385 before you leave to check if the centre is accepting waste.

For other items register with Sustainability Victoria

For more toxic household items such as pool chemicals, pesticides, cooking oil and many other items register at any of Sustainability Victoria’s mobile collections held conveniently throughout the year.

To discover what other items are accepted visit Sustainability Victoria's website.

You can also contact Sustainability Victoria on 1300 363 744.