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Bayside Arts and Gallery Advisory Committee

Bayside Arts and Gallery Advisory Committee was established as a result of the implementation of the Local Government Act 2020. The committee replaces the former Bayside Arts Board established under the Local Government Act 1989.

Powers, discretions and functions

The powers, discretions and functions of the Bayside Arts and Gallery Advisory Committee are referenced in the attached charter.

A summary of the activities of the Committee include:

  • advise Council on the strategic direction of art programming including public art
  • advise Council on a potential location for display of collection or installation of art in the public domain
  • recommend acquisition proposals submitted by the Curator within budget, and consider proposals for de-accession from the Collection
  • provide advice and assistance to Council Officers in proposing potential donors or bequests for the Collection
  • make recommendations regarding the care and maintenance of the Collection
  • approve Bayside Gallery Exhibitions and public programs
  • approve marketing and promotion strategies
  • seek funding from external sources through the pursuit of donations, sponsorship, fundraising, bequests and philanthropic opportunities.


The Bayside Arts and Gallery Advisory Committee comprises of the following members:

Cr Sonia Castelli (Chair)

Cr Alex del Porto

Ms Louise Doyle

Mr Brian Hewitt

Mr Brian Long

Ms Sarah Morris

Ms Bo Rutecki

Mr Adrian Spurr

Ms Lyn Stephens