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The Reconciliation Action Plan Advisory Group

The Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Advisory Group was established in 2019 following Council endorsing a formal commitment to reconciliation with Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

The RAP outlines practical actions that will drive Bayside City Council’s contribution to reconciliation both internally and in the communities in which it operates.  The development and implementation of Council’s RAP is guided by the RAP Advisory Group made up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representatives and local residents, community leaders and key agency representatives.

The RAP Advisory Group’s objectives are to:

  • provide advice and feedback to Council when requested by Council on related reconciliation matters
  • work in collaboration with Council officers to support delivery of RAP activities
  • help to plan community engagement to achieve reconciliation goals and outcomes
  • champion awareness raising activities within the Bayside community
  • provide endorsement at key stages of development and implementation of the RAP.

This Advisory Group has no delegated powers.

The Advisory Group will consist of the following membership:

  • Traditional Owner representative(s) and/or a Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander representatives that live, work, study, volunteer or have a connection with Bayside.  There are no quotas for this category.
  • Community members with a demonstrated commitment to Reconciliation and/or experience in RAP development. A maximum of four (4) representatives.
  • Key government and non-government agency representatives. A maximum of two (2) representatives.
  • One Councillor representative appointed by Council.
  • Gender diversity to be maintained where possible.

Membership of the Group is as follows of:

  • Cr Fiona Stitfold (co-Chair)
  • Mr Josh Toscano (co-Chair)
  • Cr Jo Samuel-King
  • Mr Jeremy Abbott
  • Ms Gulay Cevik
  • Ms Allyson Craigie-Parsons
  • Mr Matt Perfect
  • Ms Jillian West