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Billilla Mansion

A new era for Billilla


We’re embarking on a staged, long term program of restoration and activation of this heritage gem in Brighton.

The program includes a series of considered heritage and amenity upgrades to create accessible, engaging and well-maintained spaces for the community to enjoy.

The aspirations of the community shared in 2021 and the Billilla Advisory Committee will guide arts and cultural programming at Billilla as a place to engage, create, learn and celebrate.


Bayside City Council is working to bring the historic property of Billilla Mansion in the heart of Brighton back to community use for the first time in over 15 years.

The residence was built in 1878 and is listed on the National Trust Register. The property was leased by a local school until 2021 when Council resolved to return it to public use.

In late 2021 and early 2022, the community shared their ideas for Billilla to build a future vision for the house and gardens as a place for:

  • creativity, culture and the arts
  • hospitality and events
  • learning opportunities
  • social enterprise and volunteer activities.

This feedback, along with a five year Conservation Management Plan, technical reports and project planning will inform future upgrades of the property.

An Advisory Committee comprised of Councillors and community representatives with relevant expertise and experience will also provide input into the development of a Billilla Strategic Plan to be considered by Council later in 2023.

Staged heritage, maintenance and upgrade works will be undertaken by Council over the next five years to ensure the building is accessible and fit for community use. Over this period the gardens will be used for outdoor activations and events including hiring for private events. The Billilla Studio Artists Studio residencies are also ongoing in the outsheds.

The extent of indoor use of the building during the upgrades is not yet confirmed.

Billilla Advisory Committee

The Billilla Advisory Committee was established in August 2022 to:

  • foster accessible cultural programs and activities at Billilla Mansion
  • provide safe, supported community spaces for local people to engage in a wide range of activities in the building and grounds
  • provide the community with opportunities for creative expression, engagement and lifelong learning in the building and grounds.

The membership of the Committee comprises two Councillors, two experts (representing heritage conservation and cultural programming etc) and ten residents (rate payers or people with strong connections to or interest in, Billilla with at least one person under the age of 25).

Find out more on the Billilla Advisory Committee

Project funding

Council has allocated $130,000 in the 2023-24 budget for activation and Committee support activities with $450,000 projected in Council’s long term financial plan.

Latest news

We are hosting a number of events in the gardens of the historic mansion during 2024 as part of our reactivation of this wonderful community facility. Check out What's On at Billilla.

Tree removal - May 2024

Sadly, we will shortly remove and replace a very large, aged and weather-damaged Cyprus tree on the front lawns at Billilla Mansion on the advice of multiple expert arborists. 

The tree was recently significantly damaged in a wind/weather event. The planned removal is unfortunately necessary to ensure the safety of visitors and avoid emergency removal.

The replacement tree will be of the same species to the original to preserve the heritage gardens.

Three other mature trees at Billilla will also need to be removed over time due to age and risk of failure in weather events. This is likely to occur over a number of years. Staged removal and replacement will help to ensure cohesive garden planting over time. 

The removal works are scheduled to occur before the end of May, weather permitting.

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