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Council plan

The Council Plan 2021-2025 is a roadmap for how Council will work with residents over the next four years to achieve the community’s longer-term aspirations for the future.

It provides an overview of the strategies, services and programs that we will implement as part of our commitment to make Bayside a more sustainable, liveable and inclusive place for all.

The new four-year Council plan is aligned to the aspirations of the new Council and community as articulated in the Bayside 2050 Community Vision.

The Council Plan is implemented each year through an Annual Action Plan. At least once in each financial year, Council must consider whether the current Council Plan requires any adjustment in respect of the remaining period of the Council Plan and renew the Annual Action Plan and Annual Budget for the following year.

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Council Plan 2021-2025 Community Panel 

In February 2021, invitations were sent to 10,0000 randomly selected household across Bayside to seek applications to be part of the Council Plan 2021- 2025 Community Panel. Over 200 people applied.

40 people were chosen with demographic targets in mind to ensure that the Panel was broadly representative of the Bayside community. The Panel gave the Council Plan and Financial Plan a 79% acceptance rating.

2021- 2025 Community Panel

Bayside 2050 Community Vision

The Bayside 2050 Community Vision informs Bayside’s strategic planning process including the four-year Council Plan established at the start of each Council term. 

2050 Community Vision

Council Plan highlights

The Council Plan 2021–2025 commits Council to action in four key areas:

1. Our Planet – leading better, smarter and sustainable futures

•    Implement Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan
•    Adopt and implement the Urban Forest Strategy
•    Develop and implement Council’s Park Improvement and Habitat Linkage Plan
•    Yalukit Willam (formerly Elsternwick Park) Nature Reserve (Stage 1 Chain of Ponds; Stage 3 Wetlands)

2. Our People – nurturing all people and thriving healthy communities

•    Develop, adopt and implement new Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan
•    Develop, adopt and implement the Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan
•    Develop, adopt and implement the new Affordable Housing Strategy

3. Our Place – fostering Bayside’s liveability, open space and exceptional places

•    Bayside Netball Centre 
•    Dendy Street Beach Pavilion construction 
•    Tulip Street Basketball Court extension 
•    Warm Water Pool 
•    Wangara Road Park masterplan design 
•    Beaumaris Arts Centre 
•    Heritage Review

4. Our Promise – promising open and accountable civic leadership

•    Deliver the Council Plan and adopt the Annual Budget 
•    Deliver Annual Action Plan

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