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Community satisfaction survey results 2023

We commission a community satisfaction survey every year to better understand how we are perceived by our community, measure satisfaction with Council's leadership and its delivery of services and facilities, and identify issues of concern within Bayside.

The 2023 survey looked at:

  • Satisfaction with our overall performance
  • Importance of and satisfaction with 26 services and facilities
  • Aspects of leadership, governance and advocacy
  • Current issues of concern for residents
  • Sense of community and inclusivity
  • Satisfaction with aspects of planning and development, and traffic and parking
  • Satisfaction with customer service and contact with Council.

How is the survey conducted?

The 2023 community satisfaction survey was conducted by an independent company, Metropolis Research, via face-to-face interviews with 714 randomly selected representative households from March to April 2023.

Each interview involves in-depth conversations to truly understand the issues important to Bayside residents and gauge how Council is performing. It measures residents' satisfaction with Council's overall performance, services and facilities, customer service, and aspects of planning and development.

The 2023 survey is the sixth year Council has used this extensive research program.

What are some of the key results?

  • Satisfaction with the overall performance of Council increased to an average score of 7.1 out of 10 and remains a "good" level of satisfaction.
  • 88.5% of respondents were satisfied with our overall performance – 42% were very satisfied, giving an "excellent" rating of 8 or more out of 10.
  • Satisfaction remains "excellent" with services considered very important to the community, including: 
    • Waste and recycling services
    • Local libraries
    • Services for children from birth to five years of age
    • Appearance of the beach, foreshore and bushland
    • Parks, gardens, reserves and sports ovals
  • Overall satisfaction with our services and facilities was rated very good, with improvements including:
    • Parks and gardens (up 5%)
    • Public toilets (up 4%)
    • Animal management (up 4%)
    • Maintenance and cleaning of public areas (up 3%)
    • Local libraries (up 3%)
    • Sportsgrounds and ovals (up 3%)
    • Recreation and aquatic centres (up 3%)
    • Footpaths (up 3%)

Safety walking on residential streets and on main roads are both rated "excellent". Safety while cycling on residential streets remains at a "very good" level and satisfaction with safety whilst cycling on main roads remains at a "good" level.

Bayside City Council's overall satisfaction result remains higher than the average for the six inner eastern region councils (Yarra, Glen Eira, Stonnington, Bayside, Port Phillip and Melbourne) and the average for all metropolitan Melbourne councils (both 7.0). Bayside also has a higher level of satisfaction with its services and facilities compared with other local government areas.

What were some of the issues?

The annual community satisfaction survey is also an opportunity to explore current issues of concern in Bayside for residents. 

The top issues residents were most concerned about in early 2023 include: 

  • Car parking and traffic management
  • Building, planning, housing, development
  • Rubbish and waste

Building, housing, planning, and development has been Bayside's long-term top issue of concern. The decline in the proportion of respondents nominating building, housing, planning, and development-related issues this year reflects an 11% increase in satisfaction with aspects of planning and housing development.

This year, rubbish and waste appeared as an issue of concern following changes to the kerbside collection schedule. While the service remains rated "excellent", there was a 4% decline in satisfaction.

Sense of community

Residents very strongly agree they feel welcome, included, and respected when accessing Council services, facilities and activities. They also strongly agree that Bayside is:

  • Accessible and inclusive for all
  • Welcoming and supportive of people from diverse cultures
  • Respects, reflects, and is inclusive of First Nations' peoples.

What we're doing on key issues

We use the annual survey results to improve our services, strategies and plans. Some initiatives include:

Download the report

Community satisfaction survey results 2023 (PDF)

Community satisfaction survey results 2023 (DOC)