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Our Councillors

Councillors are your democratically elected representatives. They represent the community and are responsible for setting strategic direction, deciding on council policies, engaging constituents on their values and needs, debating community issues and monitoring performance.

The 2020–24 Bayside City Council was officially sworn in at the Annual Meeting of Council on 19 November 2020.

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Councillor profiles and contact details

Click on a Councillor's name to view their profile, or find their contact details below. 

For media enquiries please call our Media line on 0466 519 088.

Cr Hanna El Mouallem

Mayor and Dendy Ward Councillor

Contact number: 0437 859 978

Cr Jo Samuel-King MBBS

Deputy Mayor and Castlefield Ward Councillor

Contact number: 0419 772 291

Cr Sonia Castelli

Ivison Ward Councillor

Contact number: 0466 356 794

Cr Alex del Porto

Bleazby Ward Councillor

Contact number: 0417 390 641

Cr Laurence Evans OAM

Ebden Ward Councillor

Contact number: 0407 735 993

Cr Clarke Martin

Beckett Ward Councillor

Contact number: 0466 356 805

Cr Fiona Stitfold

Boyd Ward Councillor

Contact number: 0409 608 419

Council ward map