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Plans, strategies and policies

Find out about the range of strategic plans, strategies and policies that help us make Bayside a better place.

Annual report

Previous annual reports

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Bayside 2050 community vision

The Bayside 2050 community vision is a consensus aspirational view of a desired future that sets out the key priorities, aspirations and values that Council and the community will use to help make decisions to shape the Bayside of the future. The community vision was developed by a representative community panel of local residents over February-July 2020.

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Council plan

The Council plan 2021-25 sets out our vision, goals, strategic objectives and strategies for the Council's 4-year-term in office.

The Council Plan is implemented each year through an annual action plan. At least once in each financial year, Council must consider whether the current Council Plan requires any adjustment in respect of the remaining period of the Council Plan and renew the Annual Action Plan and Annual Budget for the following year.

Annual budget 

The Annual budget 2021-22 outlines the services and initiatives to be funded for the 2021-22 financial year.

Financial plan 2021/22-2030/31

The Financial plan 2021/22 to 2030/31 is Council's key ten-year financial planning document and is governed by a series of financial strategies and accompanying performance indicators.

Women's charter action plan 2018-2020

Bayside Council is committed to advance gender equity, diversity and active citizenship. The Women's charter action plan 2018-2020 outlines the activities that Council undertakes to deliver on the principles associated with the Local Government Women's Charter.

Reflect reconciliation action plan 2019-2020

Council's Reflect reconciliation action plan outlines practical actions that will drive an organisation’s contribution to reconciliation both internally and in the communities in which it operates.

Wellbeing for all ages and abilities strategy 

Wellbeing for all ages and abilities strategy (PDF)
Wellbeing for all ages and abilities strategy (DOCX)

The Wellbeing for All Ages and Abilities Strategy 2017-2021 meets the requirements of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and streamlines community services planning for health and wellbeing from early childhood, through to youth, adult lives and older years. The strategy has 3 goals, an engaged and supportive community, a healthy and active community and safe sustainable environments. The Strategy is delivered through the following action plans:

Municipal emergency management plan

The broad objectives of the municipal emergency management plan are to implement measures to prevent or reduce the causes or effects of emergencies, manage resource allocation in response to emergencies, manage the support offered from adjoining municipalities and assist the community in recovery efforts.

Service strategies and plans

Art and culture

Bayside Arts strategic plan 2018-2022 

The Arts Strategic Plan 2018-2022 has been developed to guide the future arts programming in Bayside and aims to connect people to each other and their community through the celebration of art and the sharing of ideas.

Building and planning

Bayside housing strategy 2019 

The housing strategy was updated in September 2019 and guides how residential development in Bayside will be planned and managed over the next 20 years.
You can view the previous housing strategy via the following link: Bayside housing strategy 2012.

Bayside affordable housing strategy 2021 
The affordable housing strategy was adopted in June 2021. The strategy has been developed to guide how Council can assist the increase in supply of appropriate and accessible affordable housing in Bayside over the next 4 years. 
The Strategy is accompanied by the Bayside affordable housing background report 2021

Buildings service-driven asset management plan 2016
The purpose of the Buildings Service-Driven Asset Management Plan 2016 is to document a robust business case for the continued investment into buildings owned and operated by Council, and the services those buildings provide to the community.

Drainage service-driven asset management plan 2015
The drainage service-driven asset management plan 2015 is used to inform decision making about our existing long-life drainage infrastructure through a focus on improved asset data, the testing and validation of asset management assumptions, and the prediction of long-term financial renewal requirements.

Drainage upgrade strategy
The objective of the drainage upgrade strategy is 10 year program of priority drainage upgrade projects that aim to improve the performance of under-performing underground pipe networks at locations known to be susceptible to damage from flooding.

Business, commerce and customers

Bayside tourism strategy 2013
The purpose of the Bayside tourism strategy 2013 is to consolidate Bayside's existing tourism strengths and successes, find new opportunities for leadership in the sector, and to identify suitable partnerships with industry and the community.

Digital transformation strategy 2018-2021
Council's plan to ensure that customers are central to how we design and provide services, including transforming our digital channels. Our aim is to make all services accessible to everyone though their preferred method, whether that be online, print, telephone or face to face.  

Economic development strategy 
The economic development strategy is a framework that supports the sustainable development of the local economy. It references the needs and trends within the existing community and opportunities to promote investment and employment growth within the changing local, domestic and international economic and environmental landscapes.

Retail, commercial and employment strategy 2016-2031 
This strategy explores and provides policy directions on the future evolution of activity centres and employment lands within the City of Bayside.

Facilities and venues

Early years infrastructure plan 2018-2028
The plan provides Council with a strategic framework to guide the provision of Council owned early years facilities

Graffiti management plan 2018

Property strategy 2018-2021
The property strategy 2018-2021 provides a set of principles and improvements to the overall management and performance of our property portfolio.

Public toilet strategy 2019-2023
The public toilet strategy outlines how to meet community and visitor needs in relation to location, safety and quality of public toilets.

Pets and animals

Domestic animal management plan 2017-2021 
The domestic animal management plan 2017-2021 guides decision-making in relation to pets in the community.


Library services strategic plan 2018-2022 
The library services strategic plan brings together the recommendations from parts one and two of the strategic review of Bayside's library services, and alignment to the wellbeing for all ages and abilities and digital transformation strategies. 

Roads, parking and transport

Bayside integrated transport strategy
The integrated transport strategy is a framework and specific actions designed to achieve a well connected, safe, accessible and convenient transport system that positively contributes to a strong economy, the health and wellbeing of the community and a low carbon future.

Bayside register of public roads
The Bayside register of public roads contains a list of the roads and lanes that we consider are reasonably required for general public use and for which Council is the responsible coordinating road authority.

Bayside road safety strategy 2019-2024
The strategy is about people, traffic and reducing road trauma. However, it is also about encouraging people to be out and about, walking or cycling, moving freely around the municipality and participating actively in our community.

Bayside road management plan (PDF)
Bayside road management plan (DOCX)
The purpose of the road management plan is to document the standards and priorities for inspection, maintenance and repairs of the road network. The plan outlines our responsibilities to ensure that roads and footpath are safe.

Bayside walking strategy
The walking strategy aims to address the barriers to walking and build on these opportunities to establish a more walkable municipality.

Bicycle action plan 2019-2026
The bicycle action plan presents directions aimed at addressing the needs of all cyclists and facilitating a culture of cycling in Bayside.

Public transport advocacy statement 
The public transport advocacy statement outlines how we advocate for deliverable improvements to the public transport system in Bayside.

Roads service driven asset management plan
The roads service driven asset management plan is used to inform decision making about existing road infrastructure assets through a focus on improved asset data, the testing and validation of asset management assumptions and the prediction of long-term financial renewal requirements.

Sport and recreation

Active by the bay recreation strategy
The active by the bay recreation strategy guides the planning, management and provision of recreation facilities and services in the City of Bayside for 2013-2022.

Bayside sportsground pavilion improvement plan 
Council's sportsground pavilion improvement plan was reviewed in 2019 and has been updated to reflect changes in the way community sport is conducted and to reflect the increase in female participation.

Bayside tennis strategy 2019-2028
The Bayside tennis strategy was undertaken to guide the sustainability of tennis in Bayside. It considers a range of issues and provides recommendations to support the sustainability of tennis in the municipality and address issues associated with ageing infrastructure.

Recreation and open space asset management plan (DOCX)
Recreation and open space asset management plan (PDF)

The recreation and open space asset management plan is a means of outlining the key elements involved in managing the recreation, open space and facility assets.

Sustainability and environment

Biodiversity action plan 2018-2027 
Bayside City Council is committed to maintaining natural biodiversity assets and increasing conservation effort within its unique natural areas. The plan provides specific actions to implement the strategic objectives of the ESF (Environmental Sustainability Framework) and other issues raised through consultation with the Bayside community along with the recommendations provided by ecological experts.

Carbon neutrality action plan 2018-20 
Council has achieved carbon neutrality for its operations in 2019/20.  Our carbon neutrality action plan set out the direction and specific actions taken to achieve our commitment to be carbon neutral by 2020.

Bayside coastal management plan 2014
The Bayside coastal management plan provides strategic direction and policy on coastal use, management and development for the whole of the City of Bayside foreshore.

Climate emergency action plan 
This plan identifies the actions Council will take to respond to the climate emergency, and support our local community to take action to reduce their impact on the environment.

Environmental sustainability framework 2016-2025
Environment sustainability framework action plan 2019-23
The environmental sustainability framework 2016-2025 sets direction and guidance for our environmental planning and decision-making. The action plan sets out the actions to achieve our environment sustainability objectives. 

Open space sustainable water management strategy
The Open Space Sustainable Water Management Strategy provides direction and targets for alternative water supply within the municipality.

Recycling and waste management strategy 2018-2027 
The Recycling and Waste Management Strategy is a ten year plan to reduce the impact of waste that goes to landfill. 

‘Water for Bayside’ 2019-2039 integrated water management plan
Integrated Water Management is a collaborative approach to water planning and management that brings together all aspects of the water cycle. ‘Water for Bayside’ outlines a 20 year action plan including flood storage, stormwater harvesting and stormwater treatment projects.

Parks, reserves and beaches

Bayside open space strategy
The Bayside open space strategy is a 20 year planning document to provide policy and strategy to enable us to make decisions about how open space is used, developed, managed and maintained across the municipality.

Bayside open space strategy: suburb analysis and action plan 
The Bayside open space strategy: suburb analysis and action plan provides details as to how the principles, policies and actions developed in the Bayside open space strategy will be applied at a local level.

Black Rock foreshore masterplan
The Black Rock foreshore masterplan guides design, priorities and staging of on-ground works on the foreshore between Arkaringa Crescent and Fourth Street including public open space associated with Black Rock House.

Brighton Beach to Ferdinando Gardens masterplan 
The Brighton Beach to Ferdinando Gardens masterplan directly guides priorities, design and staging of works on Council managed land within this foreshore precinct (from south of Green Point, Brighton to Linacre Road, Hampton, including Ferdinando Gardens). The plan also implements the recommendations of current strategic plans including the Bayside open space strategy (2012) and the Bayside coastal management plan (2014).

Cheltenham Park final masterplan 
The Cheltenham Park masterplan is a 10 year planning document that sets out a timeline for improvements to path networks, car parking, and drainage while balancing the parks unique conservation and active recreation values.

Dendy Park masterplan
The Dendy Park masterplan will provide the long-term strategic vision and direction for the future use, management and development of Dendy Park for the next 10 years.

North Road foreshore masterplan
The North Road foreshore masterplan aims to guide, design and prioritise works on Council managed land from Head Street through to Chelsea Street along the foreshore in Brighton and includes the North Point Café, car park and public boat ramp as well as Sandown Street beach and Royal Brighton Yacht Club. The Master plan will inform Council's capital works program, funding applications and priorities for infrastructure renewal, replacement and redevelopment over the next decade. The Master plan will also be a key tool to assist Council and other stakeholders in obtaining the required coastal management consent from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning for implementation of projects within the precinct.

Red Bluff to Half Moon Bay masterplan 
The Red Bluff to Half Moon Bay masterplan directly guides design, priorities and staging of works on Council managed land within the precinct, implementing the recommendations of current strategic plans including the Bayside open space strategy 2012 and Bayside coastal management plan 2014.

Sandringham Beach and Gardens masterplan 
The Sandringham Beach and Gardens masterplan directly guides priorities, design and staging of works on Council managed land with this foreshore precinct (from Abbott Street to Eliza Street, Sandringham, including Sandringham Gardens). The plan also implements the recommendations of current strategic plans including the Bayside open space strategy 2012 and Bayside coastal management plan 2014.

Sandringham foreshore masterplan
The Sandringham foreshore masterplan directly guides design, priorities and staging of on-ground works on Council managed land within the precinct, implementing the recommendations of current strategic plans.

Trees and vegetation

Bayside tree strategy
The Bayside tree strategy has been developed to provide a framework of actions to ensure that the future public and private spaces within Bayside are well treed.

Bayside native vegetation works program - Stage 1
Bayside native vegetation works program - Stage 2
This is a readily usable works-manual which clearly sets-out the management strategies for each reserve including a time frame for the works to be undertaken.

Guideline for working near council trees (PDF)
Guideline for working near council trees (DOCX)
The working near council trees guidelines outlines the methods and responsibilities required when working around council trees.

Our current policies