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Our role in preventing family violence

We are working towards a community free from family violence. We are committed to a community approach to prevent and support those affected. We continue to stand in partnership with the community to put an end to family violence.

White Ribbon Accreditation

We are committed to reducing family violence and are a White Ribbon organisation.

White Ribbon Australia works with organisations to end violence against women.

We help our workforce and community to understand, prevent and respond to violence against women.

Working with the community

16 Days of Activism

Every year we join the global campaign to help prevent violence against women.

In 2019, Bayside City Council staff formed the number 702 during their lunch break as a powerful symbol of solidarity with family violence victims. 702 is the number of family violence incidents reported to police in Bayside in 2017/18.

In 2018, 40 Bayside cafés participated in the campaign that focused on bystander action. Bystander action includes speaking out about and responding to sexism, discrimination and inequality.

Maternal and child health

The Maternal and Child Health service works with families with young children aged 0-6 years.

You can discuss family violence with your Maternal and Child health nurse, who can provide advice, support, and referrals.

Maternal and child health appointment information

Challenging stereotypes

Rigid gender roles and stereotypes are a main driver of family violence. They are how we are socially expected to look, think and behave based on our sex.

In November of 2018, we encouraged people in Bayside to record a video of a time they challenged gender roles.

Family violence and gender training

We ran a community training session for volunteers in 2019. The training educates about family violence in our community. It aims to create a practical understanding of how to make a positive difference and demonstrates how small steps can make a powerful impact on our community.

Become a volunteer

White Ribbon Day

Each year on November 25 we hold an event for White Ribbon Day.

Want to be involved with our programs?

If you would like to contact someone about helping to prevent family violence please call us on (03) 9599 4787 during business hours.

Do you want to talk privately?

If you are experiencing family violence, or are concerned for someone, call the Safe Steps Centre. They provide confidentiality and can help explore some options, develop a safety plan and access support.

The Safe Steps phone line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


1800 015 188


Safe Steps Centre website