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Amendment C199bays: Proposed Rezoning of land at Highett Grassy Woodland and Yalukit Willam Nature Reserve (formerly Elsternwick Park)

Planning Scheme Amendment C199bays proposes to make zoning changes to the Bayside Planning Scheme as follows:

  • Rezone land known as Yalukit Willam (formerly Elsternwick Park) Nature Reserve, Brighton, from Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ) to Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ). 
  • Rezone land known as Highett Grassy Woodland, Graham Road, Highett from Residential Growth Zone, Schedule 3 (RGZ3) to Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ). 

Both Yalukit Willam and the Highett Grassy Woodland are identified for rezoning to the Public Conservation and Resource Zone in Bayside’s Urban Forest Strategy

The Urban Forest Strategy was adopted by Council in February 2022.

The rezoning of Yalukit Willam (formerly Elsternwick Park) Nature Reserve, Brighton, from Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ) to Public Conservation and Resource Zone (PCRZ) reflects the ten-year masterplan to transform the former Elsternwick Park golf course into a nature reserve and wetland.

The Highett Grassy Woodland was identified as a potential open space (conservation) in the Land Use Plan of the Highett Structure Plan, September 2018. Key Objective 18: Protect the biologically significant Highett Grassy Woodland identified the rezoning of the site to PCRZ as a key strategy to acknowledging and protecting the conservation value of the site.

Where can I view the amendment documentation?

You can inspect all documents relating to the amendment free of charge here.


The exhibition of the amendment ran until 9 November 2023.  Submissions have now closed.

Will Council refer submission to a planning panel?

Council will decide whether to refer any submission to an independent Planning Panel for review and recommendations.  Such a Panel will be appointed by the Minister for Planning.

Council must consider the findings and recommendations outlined in the Panel Report before deciding whether to:

  • adopt the amendment (with or without changes recommended by the panel)
  • abandon all or part(s) of the amendment

Council will consider the Panel Report and make its decision on the amendment.

If Council adopts the amendment (with or without changes), we will submit the amendment to the Minister for Planning for approval. The Minister’s decision on the amendment can’t be appealed. If the Minister approves the amendment, a notice will appear in the Victorian Government Gazette and the amendment will come into effect.

If Council abandons the amendment, we will notify the Minister, all affected landowners and submitters of Council’s decision and the planning scheme will not be changed.

Please follow this link to find out more about the Planning Scheme Amendment process.

Further information

For further information contact us using the details below:

Name: Paul Laughton, Strategic Planner, Bayside City Council

Phone: (03) 9599 7199

Email: Please include ‘Amendment C199bays’, in the email subject line.

Mail: Amendment C199, Bayside City Council, PO Box 27, Sandringham, VIC, 3191