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C186bays - Implementation of Bayside Urban Forest Strategy 2022

Planning Scheme Amendment C186bays proposes to implement the objectives of Council’s adopted Urban Forest Strategy 2022 into the Bayside Planning Scheme. The Urban Forest Strategy 2022 aims to improve Bayside’s urban environment and respond to the effects of climate change through the planting and protection of trees. The proposed changes to the Scheme seek to provide strategic direction for better urban forest outcomes within Bayside.

The amendment will:

  • Amend Strategic Directions at Sub-Clauses 02.03-2 (Environmental and Landscape Values) and 02.03-3 (Environmental Risks and Amenity) to strengthen Council’s environmental focus.
  • Amend Sub-Clause 12.01-1L (Protection of Biodiversity) to strengthen Council’s biodiversity protection strategies.
  • Amend Clause 72.08 (background documents) to insert Council’s Urban Forest Strategy 2022 – 2040 (Bayside City Council 2022).

Land affected by the amendment

The amendment applies to all land within the Bayside City Council.

Why is the amendment required?

The amendment is required to introduce the objectives of Council’s Urban Forest Strategy 2022 – 2040 (Bayside City Council 2022) into the Bayside Planning Scheme. The Strategy aims to improve Bayside’s urban environment and responds to Council’s Climate Emergency declaration (2019) which recognises the consequences of climate change, and seeks to ameliorate its impacts, through the planting and protection of trees.

Where can I view the amendment documentation?

You can inspect all documents relating to the amendment free of charge via the amendments webpage of the Department of Transport and Planning


Exhibition of the amendment ran from 21 September 2023 until 26 October 2023.  

Will Council refer submission to a planning panel?

Council will decide whether to refer any submission to an independent Planning Panel for review and recommendations.  Such a Panel will be appointed by the Minister for Planning.

Council must consider the findings and recommendations outlined in the Panel Report before deciding whether to:

  • adopt the amendment (with or without changes recommended by the panel)
  • abandon all or part(s) of the amendment

Council will consider the Panel Report and make its decision on the amendment.

If Council adopts the amendment (with or without changes), we will submit the amendment to the Minister for Planning for approval. The Minister’s decision on the amendment can’t be appealed. If the Minister approves the amendment, a notice will appear in the Victorian Government Gazette and the amendment will come into effect.

If Council abandons the amendment, we will notify the Minister, all affected landowners and submitters of Council’s decision and the planning scheme will not be changed.

To find out more about the Planning Scheme Amendment process, click here.

Further information

For further information contact us using the details below:

Name: Paul Laughton, Strategic Planner, Bayside City Council

Phone: (03) 9599 4393


Mail: Amendment C186, Bayside City Council, PO Box 27, Sandringham, VIC, 3191