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Make the most of food with dehydrating

One of the oldest, simplest ways of preserving food is to dehydrate it. Not only does it allow you to catch and store nutrition while it’s in abundance for use in leaner times, but it can be achieved in a wide range of lo-tech ways with very little financial input. 

This free face-to-face workshop presentation will take you through some of the simplest and most effective ways to dehydrate different types of foods. This is a fabulous session for people wanting to get into ‘homesteading’ or permaculture living, but who don’t have capacity to grow much of their own food just yet. Includes taste-testers of differently dehydrated foods; a display of useful books and resources; and you’ll have a chance to make a special blend of dehydrated food to take home. 

Join permaculture and sustainability educator, Anna The Urban Nanna, in this workshop presentation where you’ll learn the ins and outs of dehydrating, and have a go at making a dehydrated blend to take home. 

Spots are limited and bookings are essential. Please complete the below form to secure your spot.

This event is part of Bayside City Council’s Love Bayside Don't Waste It series.

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  • 11:00am-01:00pm


Sandringham Library - 8 Waltham Street (Multi-Purpose Room)
Victoria 3191


Entry through the Maternal Child Health entrance as the library will be closed


Bayside City Council