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Waste Less: managing household waste effectively

Confused about what – and where – you can recycle household waste? You’re not the only one! There’s so much information out there about how and why we should sort and manage our household waste that it can become overwhelming. Did you know that there are at least 9 different ways you can deal with household food waste? Have you thought about water waste in your home and garden? 

This free face-to-face presentation is designed to help Bayside residents explore ways of identifying and managing different waste streams in their households.

Discuss the typical waste elements in a household including food, water, textile, energy and showcase practical examples of effective waste-management in each of these areas. Included in the presentation is a waste audit checklist you can use at home, and ideas on how to implement different management strategies. 

Join permaculture and sustainability educator, Anna The Urban Nanna, to learn about a range of simple ways to identify and manage the different types of waste in your household, and begin living a lower waste life. 

Spots are limited and bookings are essential. Please complete the below form to secure your spot. 

This event is part of Bayside City Council’s Love Bayside Don't Waste It Series.

This eventis supported by the Circular Economy Councils Fund. The Fund is delivered by Sustainability Victoria under the Victorian Government’s circular economy policy, Recycling Victoria: a new economy.

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  • 06:30pm-07:30pm


Sandringham Library - 8 Waltham Street
Victoria 3191


Bayside City Council