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Make the switch to 100% renewable energy with GreenPower

Around 20% of Bayside residents rent the home they live in, and even more live in apartments, making accessing solar power through the installation of a solar PV system more difficult.

If installing a solar system is not the right option for your household or business, consider making the switch to renewables by purchasing 100% accredited GreenPower.

GreenPower is a Federal Government program that enables households and businesses to choose renewable energy through their electricity plan. When you choose to buy GreenPower, your electricity retailer purchases an equivalent amount of electricity from accredited renewable sources, such as large scale wind and solar.

Switching to 100% renewable energy through your electricity retailer is one of the quickest and easiest ways you can make a big impact. By purchasing 100% GreenPower you’re helping to transform Australia’s electricity system, forcing polluting coal out, and bringing more renewable energy in.

The easiest place to start is by asking your current electricity retailer whether they offer 100% GreenPower or use a comparison site to help you make the switch and get the best deal.

Compare and save 

The GreenPower website can help you find a provider that supplies 100% accredited GreenPower. You will then need to contact the provider to ask for their best GreenPower rate.

The Victorian Government Victorian Energy Compare website is an online tool to help you compare electricity offers from all energy retailers, based on information you provide about your household or business. You can select to compare 100% GreenPower options to find the best deal.

The Green Electricity Guide is an independent ranking of Australia’s electricity providers according to their overall carbon emissions, reliance on coal, and climate change impact that makes it easier for consumers to choose a green electricity provider and make the switch.

Making the switch is a simple way for every household or business to have a big impact.