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Half time public art

Half time oranges for Peterson Reserve

Inspired by the community’s aspirations to have a sculpture that is fun, durable and reflects the usage of the Reserve, successful artist Carla Gottgens has created ‘Half time’ to be installed at Peterson Reserve in Highett.

Half time is a joyful celebration of the Aussie sporting tradition to serve cut oranges during youth sporting matches to refresh and quench the thirst of busy players.

Half time is a tribute to all the families who have braved early Saturday mornings, late winter evenings, rain, hail and shine to watch their children or participate themselves in team sports,” said artist Carla Gottgens

“To shout from the sidelines, wear the team colours, wave the team flag, attend to scuffed knees, bruised bodies and dashed hopes at a spot in the final……… Half time embodies community and team spirit.”

The bright orange segments will be made from cast aluminium with rind dimples, kernels and flesh patterns painted onto the surface and will measure up to 1.2 metres in width. The sculpture is totally interactive and designed to be sat on, climbed on and leaned on. The oranges are jumbled together in a haphazard way, much like you would find them in a Tupperware container at a sporting match.

Carla Gottgens was chosen from a stellar line up of artist submissions and was commissioned to bring the community brief to life. Read the Community Engagement Summary report.

Mayor, Cr Alex del Porto said:

“Carla’s whimsical sculpture is sure to delight young and old, bringing colour and life to the busy corner of Highett Road and Peterson Reserve.

“I think the artist has delivered beautifully on the community’s brief and I look forward to seeing the final installation later this year”.

Carla Gottgens is no stranger to Bayside, having also designed the much-loved ‘Bayside Ripple’ next to the playground in Dendy Park South, affectionately known as the Dr Seuss playground.

The sculpture will be installed on site at Peterson Reserve mid 2022.

For more information about the project, community engagement and the artist selection process, visit Council’s website.

Peterson Reserve sculpture of orange quarters with people near them, footpath trees and grass