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Neighbourhood character documents

In planning terms, ‘character’ is a description of how distinctive and common features of an area come together to form a visual identity – put simply, it’s the look and feel of a place. For example, building height, building materials, landscaping, setbacks from boundaries and many more elements combine to form a local character.

Protecting character is not about stopping or restricting development, but ensuring new development provides housing supply and diversity, while respecting the local character.

Neighbourhood Character Review 2021

Bayside's previous neighbourhood character controls have not been updated since 2011. As Bayside has continued to evolve it is important that the character regulations are updated to ensure that they continue to encourage the most accurate and desired character in each location. 

Bayside Neighbourhood Character Review 2021.pdf

Bayside has prepared a planning scheme amendment relating to areas within the Neighbourhood Residential Zone. This is currently awaiting authorisation to proceed from the State Government. 

A separate set of controls has been prepared for land within the General Residential Zone. To find out more about this amendment, you can visit Council's Have Your Say page

Neighbourhood Character review

The Neighbourhood Character Review Stage 1 identifies 27 neighbourhood character precincts across Bayside.

Stage 2 of the Review identified areas across Bayside that are considered to have a high or moderate degree of neighbourhood character significance.

Brochures for each precinct included in the policy

Highett Neighbourhood Character Review

This project relates to two separate areas in Highett which were zoned for industrial purposes at the time of the Bayside Neighbourhood Character Review but have since been changed to residential zoning. As these two areas were not zoned for residential use at the time of the Neighbourhood Character Review, they were not included and therefore had no neighbourhood character controls in the planning scheme. This project determined appropriate character controls for the two sites. These controls were implemented into the planning scheme in July 2013 through Amendment C109.