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Are you a small business owner who wants to save on energy costs?

Save up to 85% of the cost of energy upgrades with a new program supported by Council.

Wednesday 10 November 2021


Upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment can provide your small business with significant cost savings. 

A new Small Business Energy Saver (SBES) Program supported by Bayside City Council, Sustainability Victoria and South East Climate Change Councils' Alliance (SECCCA) may cover up to 85% of the full equipment and installation cost.

SECCCA experts can provide expert advice in the Council supported program to small businesses in Bayside, as part of Sustainability Victoria’s initiative. This program will help small businesses recover from COVID-19 hardships via the Victoria Energy Upgrades (VEU). 

Up to $2,000 rebates are available for small businesses to upgrade their outdated appliances to more energy efficient and cost-effective products covering:

  • hot water upgrades
  • space heating and cooling
  • refrigerators and upright freezers
  • refrigerated display cabinets
  • water-efficient pre-rinse spray valves
  • high energy efficient listed motors & fan motors in refrigerated systems
  • cool room upgrades*

*These will begin early 2022

The program is targeting small businesses that have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 operating restrictions, particularly engaging the following industries: hospitality, retail, accommodation, tourism and the arts and entertainment industry. The minimum eligibility criteria are:

  1. Operating out of a commercial premise
  2. Employing 19 or less full-time equivalent (FTE) staff*

*This does include owner-operators

If you are a small business within Bayside and are interested, please fill in this Google Form for a direct call back from the relevant Small Business Energy Engagement Officers.

Alternatively, you can email SECCCA at or phone their Small Business Energy Engagement Officer, Chloe (0493 254 879).

Find out more about the program

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