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We’re establishing a Cooking Connections program by matching volunteer cooks with older Bayside residents experiencing loneliness or social isolation.

Older residents who are finding a home cooked meal more difficult can connect with local enthusiastic cooks.

Known as ‘micro volunteering’, cooks simply dish up an additional serving of their homemade dinner or lunch and deliver it to their matched diner once a week or fortnight.

What may often start as a quick chat at the door, may bloom into a cup of tea or coffee together and a wonderful friendship between generations as has occurred with volunteer Kieran and his diner.

“The program resonated with me because I cook meals at home, and I am infamous in my family for cooking too much. It’s very rewarding to take something to my diner regularly,” said Kieran. 

Man smiling with elbows on bench in front of food and cooking utensils
Kieran enjoyed the Cooking Connections program

Kieran says one of the most rewarding aspects of his volunteer role is receiving text messages from his diner after he has eaten his meal. “He is always so appreciative and has been pretty much up to try anything I give him.”

Volunteers take great satisfaction in knowing the program can help ease feelings of isolation and have a positive impact on the mental health of older residents by providing a simple regular community connection.

Diners can enjoy a home cooked meal made by a friendly local who is keen to help out.

Cooks and diners are matched according to their food preferences and needs, general interests, location and whether they’re keen for a quick chat at the door or something more.

Apply for Cooking Connections here!


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