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R.G Chisholm Reserve Pavilion and Destructor Reserve Pavilion complete

Last Friday, Mayor Cr Clarke Martin officiated the completion of both Chisholm Reserve Pavilion and Destructor Reserve Pavilion with an online ceremony attended by tenant clubs and the wider Bayside sporting community.

While the pavilions will remain vacant until pandemic restrictions ease, both pavilions have been completed and are ready for use by their tenant clubs once community sports are permitted.

Bayside Mayor, Cr Clarke Martin said that celebrating community milestones such as the completion of both pavilions is critical during these challenging times.

“These upgrades to community sporting facilities feels even more significant as we all wait to return to sports,” Cr Martin said.

“Sporting pavilions become important meeting places and landmarks of Bayside and I’m glad the clubs at both R.G. Chisholm Reserve and Destructor Reserve Pavilions now have access to modern, upgraded facilities.”

“We know this year has been tough on our clubs and we hope the new pavilions provide some comfort once sports return.”

The virtual openings celebrate 13 pavilions completed as part of our $52 million investment to improve all 27 sporting pavilions in Bayside by 2025, a commitment Bayside City Council has made to make sure our facilities are inclusive and compliant for all.

R.G Chisholm Reserve Pavilion

R G Chisholm Reserve.

Completed in just under 12 months, works for R.G Chisholm Reserve Pavilion (named after Robert George- former Mayor of Sandringham 1954-55 and 1963-64) began in December 2018 and were completed by mid-December 2019.

The $2.7M upgrade to the pavilion was designed by Hede Architects with the build of this project undertaken by Bowden Corp, both working hard to deliver a quality build.

The new Chisholm Reserve pavilion features a modern, environmentally sensitive design including: Solar Panels to assist reducing the building energy consumption; the latest in LED lighting technology; and water saving tapware.

The building design features metallic black ribbed sheet cladding that beautifully contrasts the brickwork and offers a large covered area, perfect for watching the game.

Inside, two sets of change rooms are configured to offer gender neutral spaces with access to a fully accessible bathroom that meet DDA standards. The new change rooms are also dividable and the home rooms can be connected to the social room offering flexibility of space and usage.  

The social room has a rising ceiling providing plenty of room for growing honour boards.

Summer tenant, East Sandringham Cricket Club and the winter tenant East Sandringham Junior Football Club, will enjoy the pavilion once restrictions ease.

Destructor Reserve Pavilion

Destructor Reserve Pavilion.

Working with the original building design, the $1.3M upgrade of the Destructor Reserve Pavilion (named after the former City of Sandringham's site for waste removal) was designed by JMA Architects taking references from the original sweeping curved roof and brick work patterns to enhance the building design.

Completed in just under seven months, the build of this project was undertaken by FIMMA Constructions and will also benefit from the renewal of Donald MacDonald Pavilion where the existing solar panels at that site will be relocated to Destructor pavilion.

Inside you can find: two additional female friendly change rooms, additional amenities, a new umpires room, upgraded kitchen, a new storage room, a new public toilet and refurbishments of the existing amenities to greater DDA compliance.

Sandringham soccer club will delight in use of the pavilion once permitted.