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Billilla Outdoor Arts Lab

Outdoor Arts Lab at Billilla is a unique opportunity for artists to explore diverse artistic outcomes in an outdoor setting. Artists will spend up to two weeks in the gardens, (8am-8pm) and present an artist talk and showing of their work to the Bayside community.

13 to 26 May - Graeme Altmann 

Graeme Altmann is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading contemporary landscape painters. His work has been collected throughout Australia by private and public collections including Sydney University, Dobell foundation, ANZ Art collection amongst others. Born in the coastal town of Warrnambool on the South West coast of Victoria, where he draws much of his inspiration from and now works at his studio in Melbourne.

While taking part in Outdoor Arts Lab, he has been working on "The Sound Between the Trees", a series of 2D works, paintings and drawings inspired by the trees within the Billilla Gardens.

Painting workshop

Join acclaimed landscape artist Graeme Altmann for an informal painting session and workshop in Billilla Gardens. Bring your own easel and/or materials and be inspired by the historic trees of Billilla.

Date: Sunday 26 May 2024

Time: 12:30 to 2:30pm

Location: Billilla Mansion and Gardens, 267 Halifax St Brighton

Cost: FREE

Book tickets here.

Meet the Artist

Come along to see some of the works created by Graeme Altman and hear about this exploration of storytelling, heritage, and passion.

Date: Sunday 26 May, 2024

Time: 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Location: Billilla Mansion and Gardens, 26 Halifax St, Brighton

Cost: FREE

Book tickets here.

Past Events

23 January to 4 February - Zela Papageorgiou and Hamish Upton

Naarm-based percussionists Hamish Upton and Zela Papageorgiou have been performing together for nearly 10 years. They are fascinated by exploratory percussion practice and seek to create accessible artworks that speak to a diverse range of audiences.

Both Hamish and Zela regularly perform with leading organisations such as Speak Percussion, and individually work in a range of Melbourne ensembles including Forest Collective (Zela Papageorgiou - Core Percussionist) and Ossicle Duo (Hamish Upton - Co-artistic director and percussionist).

Papageorgiou and Upton will use their time at Billilla for the development of their project Shinrin-Yoku for percussion and electronics. “Shinrin-yoku” (forest bathing) is the ecotherapy practice of ‘making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest’ for human health and wellbeing. As this work is intended to be performed outdoors, Papageorgiou and Upton will test sections of their composition and explore instrumentation that is suited for outdoor public spaces.

On Sunday 4 February at 4 pm Papageorgiou and Upton will present an artist talk about the background and development of the work, and a 20-minute demonstration of musical work developed at Billilla.