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Apply to perform as a busker

To complete this form you will need

  • A certificate of currency for your public liability insurance
  • Written consent from shop owners allowing you to busk in front of their business premises
  1. If the person busking is aged under 16 years of age, he/she/they must have permission granted by a parent or guardian.
  2. Written consent of the adjacent shop owners must be obtained at the site where the busking is to take place.
  3. The times of performances shall be restricted to the shopping hours in force from time to time.
  4. The location of performances shall be confined to the location/s specified in the permit.
  5. All busking acts including their equipment must be within the kerb side trading as designated by Council at all time during their performances
  6. No obstruction to pedestrian or vehicular traffic or entrances to shops and buildings.
  7. No amplified equipment is to be used and have reasonable volume control and must include intermediate breaks
  8. Recognise and respect of the rights of other buskers in the area holding a Council Busking permit.
  9. The applicant is to indemnify Council and take responsibility for any damage to person/s and/or property as a result of this use (a copy of the applicant’s policy indemnifying Council to the sum of twenty million dollars to be supplied prior to permit being issued).
  10. Directions of members of the Victoria Police and authorised officers of the Council must be complied with at all times.
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Busking permit
Busking permit (for under 16 year olds)
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