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Apply for a shipping container permit for 8 days

Permit restrictions

Permits are valid for 8 days only, from the listed date of placement. If the shipping container is required for longer than 8 days, a second permit will need to be request.

Applicant details
Placement details
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  • The entire fee for the permit must be paid in full prior to the placement of the container.
  • The permit for a Shipping Container is to be time limited and is for the number of days or to the date entered on the Permit, but will not be for a period of less than 8 days.
  • The applicant must take out public liability insurance (minimum $10 million) and prior to the placement of the container, must have provided Council with a Certificate of Currency of Public Liability Insurance.
  • The Shipping Container must not be placed on Council land (including on roads, kerbs, footpaths or naturestrips).
  • It is the permit holder's responsibility to ensure the container does not represent an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of the public.
  • The Shipping Container must not be used as a permanent structure.
  • Any damage to Council property caused by the placement or removal of the Shipping Container, including pavement, nature strip and services, is to be reinstated by the permit holder. If reinstatement is not completed, works will be undertaken by Council at the permit holder's expense.
  • Whilst the Container must not be placed on roads and must be placed on private property, it must nevertheless not obstruct motorists' vision or line of sight at intersections while pits, valve covers and hydrants must remain accessible.
  • If the Shipping Container on private property nevertheless constitutes a traffic hazard or obstruction, the container must be mounted with yellow reflective tape on the corners of the containers, or lights which must be illuminated between sunset and sunrise and visible from a distance of 200 metres to prevent a hazard to the public.
  • Any additional clause which an Authorised or Delegated Officer reasonable believes is relevant and based upon the individual circumstances of an application may be appended to this list of terms and conditions.
  • For more information, review Council Local Law No. 2 - Neighbourhood Amenity, Part 5, (Clause 35)
I hereby apply for permission to place a shipping container outside the above premises. I am aware of the terms and conditions under which a permit may be granted by Council and agree to abide herewith.
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