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Start and grow your business: Introducing our Business Concierge

Business support service

We’re here to support you because your business is important to our community and local economy.

Whether you are starting a new business, expanding an existing business, changing the nature of your activities or buying an existing business premises, it is likely you will need a range of permits, registrations and licenses, such as:

  • Planning permit (including liquor)
  • Building permission (including hoarding, report and consent, asset protection)
  • Food business registration
  • Health or beauty registration
  • Accommodation registration
  • Footpath trading permit

Following the steps below will ensure you are well informed in the permit application process specific to your business and how to access specialist advice when needed.

Meet our Business Concierge

Step 1: Contact our Business Concierge

Our Business Concierge is here to help with:

  • Providing all the information you require to open or expand your business
  • Take you through which permits you will require
  • Offer a Pre-Application meeting when more than one permit is required with relevant departments
  • Assisting you to complete and submit these permit applications online

Step 2: Meet with the team

If more than one permit is required, our Business Concierge will arrange a Pre-Application meeting with yourself and relevant Council departments. This meeting provides the opportunity of discussing your situation and determining what permits, registrations and licences are required (including any specific guidelines and legislations) for your permit application process.

Step 3: Apply for your permits

Now you are ready to apply for your Council permits (below):

 At any stage of this process our Business Concierge is only a call away and will provide the assistance you need.

How do I contact the Business Concierge?

You can submit an online enquiry with information about your business and the Business Concierge will be in touch within one business day or, alternatively, you can call or email.
T:  9599 4669:  E:

Submit an online enquiry