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Kindergarten allocation and offer process

The Bayside Central Registration service allocates kindergarten places using State Government Guidelines and Bayside local priority allocation criteria. These criteria are used when there are more registrations than places available.

The State Government Guidelines prioritise access for children who are vulnerable, at risk, or have a disability.

Find out more about priority of access eligibility.

Bayside's local priority allocation criteria are reviewed on an annual basis taking into account feedback from kindergarten teachers, committees, families and guidance from the Department of Education.      

Update: Changes to the priority allocation criteria process for 2025 Enrolment

  • Resident and non-resident registrations received before 30 June will all be processed for Round One and subsequent rounds, using the priority allocation criteria listed below.



Criteria Description 

(Applies to first preference kindergarten only)                                 


Resident Priority of Access - child is a Bayside resident and meets the eligibility criteria of the Department of Education.


Continuity - child currently enrolled in a 3-year-old program registering in a 4-year-old program at the same kindergarten service. (Resident or non-resident)


Current Connection - child has a sibling currently enrolled at the kindergarten service. (Resident or non-resident)


Multiple Siblings (New resident families) - child is a Bayside resident and has a sibling who will also be registering for 3 or 4-year-old kindergarten at the same kindergarten service for the same year 


Former Connection - child is a Bayside resident and had a sibling previously attend the same kindergarten service.


Resident Proximity - child is a Bayside resident and resides within a 2km radius of the selected kindergarten service.


Resident - child is a Bayside resident.


Non-Resident Priority of Access - child is a non-Bayside resident and meets the eligibility criteria of the Department of Education.


Non-Resident Proximity - child is a non-Bayside resident and resides within a 2km radius of the selected kindergarten service.


Non-Resident - child is non-Bayside resident.
30 April Unique registration link emailed to current 3-year-old kindergarten enrolments.
1 May and 30 June Official registration period (Not time sensitive - all registrations received during this period are processed for first round offers e.g. registering on the first of May or the 28th of June has no impact on allocations and offers.)


1 - 19 July                                                       

Registrations received during the official two-month open period are processed for first round offers.         

Registrations received after the official registration period has passed are processed after first round offers and included in the next  round of offers.                            


22 July Round one offers are emailed to the email address provided on the child's registration form. Families are strongly encouraged to check their inbox and SPAM on 22 July. Families have 7 days to respond to the offer.  
 Where a kinder is not fully subscribed, all registrations received by June 30 will receive an offer.
 Where a kinder is oversubscribed, the priority allocation criteria are applied and the maximum number of places available are offered. Families who do not receive an offer are notified that they remain on the waitlist for subsequent rounds and offers.
29 JulyFirst round offer response due.
5 AugustSecond round offers are emailed.
12 AugustSecond round offer response due.
19 AugustThird round offers are emailed.
26 August Third round offer response due.
7 days to respond to an offerFamilies have up to 7 days to respond to an offer. Families can choose to accept the offer, decline the offer to stay on the waitlist for a higher preference kindergarten, or decline the offer outright. Deferring the offer is not available.
No response to offer receivedFailure to respond within 7 days will result in an expired offer.
7 days to finalise enrolment with kindergarten serviceFamilies have up to 7 days to complete the enrolment with the kindergarten. Failure to complete this step will void the offer. 

Deferral of an offer from one year to the next is not available. The Central Registration and Enrolment service provides a fair and equitable allocation process, where priority criteria are reviewed annually and can change one year to the next. If you receive an offer, your options are to accept or decline and have your registration transferred to the following year's ballot, where that year's priority criteria will be applied. 

If you are in any doubt about your child's kindergarten readiness, consider attending the Kindergarten Readiness session, speak to the early childhood teacher at your preferred kindergarten, or speak with your maternal and child health nurse, where a professional can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about when your child should commence kindergarten.   

You will receive an email notification advising that you are on the waitlist for subsequent offers should a vacancy become available. The email will also prompt you to make contact with the Early Years team to discuss options at other kindergartens.

The wait-list applies when a kindergarten has more applications than places. When first round offers are issued, families have 7 days to accept or decline the offer, after which time the offer expires.  A declined or expired offer from the 1st round creates a new vacancy which is offered in the second round of offers, with the same priority criteria applied. Vacancies also result from withdrawals after acceptance.

The Early Years team will work with you to allocate a place for your child.