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How to use the floating beach wheelchair

The Mobi-Chair floating beach wheelchair lets people who have a disability enjoy the sea. Learn about the important safety information so you enjoy your time in the water.

To be CovidSafe, bring along some antiseptic wipes to wipe down the chair before use

To safely use the wheelchair you will need

  1. A way to transfer the user to the wheelchair. There is currently no hoist available.
  2. A responsible support person needs to push the wheelchair. The user cannot push it.
  3. Two support people must support the chair if you want to float.
  4. Antiseptic wipes to wipe down the chair before use, to be CovidSafe.
  5. The weight in the chair to not exceed 150kg.
  6. Towel and dry clothes. As there are no hot showers at these beaches, consider bringing a blanket if body temperature regulation is an issue.

Before you use

  1. To be CovidSafe, ensure you bring antiseptic wipes and wipe down the chair before use.
  2. Receive a briefing on how to use the chair from the life saving club.
  3. Check the weather conditions and check for currents and wave heights. The life saving club will tell you if it's unsafe.
  4. Ensure your path is clear of hazards.
  5. Ensure the support person(s) stabilise the chair so that it will not move the user is being seated.
  6. Safely transfer the user to the chair.

Getting ready

  1. When in the water, use the chair between the flags patrolled by the life saving club.
  2. Fasten all harnesses. Always use the safety belt when using the chair on dry land, including soft and hard sand. Use the seat belt at all times if the user experiences unsteadiness (such as epilepsy).
  3. You can adjust the backrest angle into 3 positions by pulling the looped chain located at the back of the chair behind the backrest.
  4. Do not leave the user unattended in the chair.

Making your way to the water

  1. We recommend that a support person pulls using the tow rope at the front, whilst the second person pushes from behind.
  2. Do not place heavy items on the back of the chair.
  3. Always keep the person informed about what you are intending to do (e.g. we're turning, entering the water).
  4. Do not propel the chair behind a vehicle, kite or other means. Support people must push or pull it.

Entering the water

  1. Use the chair on the beach and in low water only.
  2. The chair will begin to float when the water level reaches halfway up the tyres. At this point, the user will notice a small tilt backwards as the chair starts to float.
  3. The water level should not exceed waist height of the support people. The user should be able to feel a sense of water without loss of support.
  4. Two people must support the chair when entering the water to float.
  5. The water level should not exceed waist height of the support people.
  6. We recommend the use of the safety belt in water.

After use

  1. Please use a shower or hose to clean down the chair before returning it to the life saving club.
  2. Please report any safety, mechanical or accessibility concerns you have about the wheelchair immediately to the life saving club. You can provide feedback on your experience as well.

Book a beach wheelchair

Beach wheelchairs are available at Half Moon Bay and Hampton Beach during the times that the beaches are patrolled by the Life Saving Clubs. This is generally between noon and 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays in December, January and February.

Call to enquire

(03) 9555 4444 in business hours.