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Branch Out

Hampton Library's out-of-hours program

Branch Out

Hampton Library has launched its new extended trading hours program Branch Out, allowing patrons access from 6am - 10pm*, 7 days per week.

The program comprises of unstaffed hours and will be open to members who complete an induction process and are aged 18+, with children being accompanied by an adult.

Branch Out will enable flexibility, with members able to access the library at a day and time convenient to them.

*Access to Hampton Library is unavailable from 9.45am - 10am Monday - Saturday.

Book your induction

The purpose of this form is to ensure that out of hours customers are aware of and accept the conditions of out of
hours access usage.

The following terms and conditions apply to using the Hampton Library, outside staffed hours. These conditions are to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone using our libraries. Please behave in a respectful and courteous manner at all times Bayside Library Service reserves the right to refuse any application and may remove access to the out of hours access, if terms and conditions are breeched.

Our Child Safety Commitment: Bayside Library Service is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and
young people.

Terms and Conditions:

Provision of Access
1. Bayside Library Service Conditions of Membership apply at all times. Please refer to our website for these

2. Upon approval of out of hour access and completion of a building and safety induction, your library card will be
activated and ready to use. If you have trouble using your card, please contact a staff member during staffed
hours or send your enquiry to You will have access to the library from 6am - 10pm*, 7 days per week. *Access to Hampton Library is unavailable from 9.45am - 10am Monday - Saturday.

3. The out of hours access card is for your use only. You must not share the card with any other person. You are
responsible for the appropriate use of the library out of hours, including unauthorised use by other parties.
Misuse may result in your out of hours access membership being revoked.

4. Your out of hours access is valid for 1 year and can be renewed upon request.

5. You must immediately report a lost or stolen library card to Bayside Library Service as soon as you become
aware of the missing card. Contact the library during staffed hours or email:

Conditions of Entry
6. Family access is available for one (1) adult and nominated children under 18 years can be included. A second
parent/guardian may join on a second family membership. The child/ren can be listed on both applications and
attend with either parent/guardian provided the accompanying adult is the out of hours member.

7. Children under 18 are not permitted in the library using out of hours access, unless accompanied by their parent/guardian with an out of hours membership. Under no circumstances are children to be left unattended in the library. Children must be under direct supervision of a parent, or legal guardian, at all times.

8. You must successfully scan your card and enter your pin each time you enter the building out of hours. If you are
unable to gain access by scanning your card, please do not enter the building and contact the library during
business hours to have the issue resolved. Do not hold the door open to allow others in, even if they have their
own out of hours access card. They must also swipe to enter the building during after hours access.

Library Usage
9. You must respect Hampton Library, its collections and facilities at all times. The library must be left neat and tidy.
All rubbish must be placed in bins provided.

10. Returning Items – please return all items via the designated returns chutes. Do not leave items on the desk for

11. Borrowing Items – any items you wish to take home, must be borrowed through the Self-loans kiosk, located in
the foyer or the Bayside Library app.

12. Alcohol and smoking are not permitted in any Bayside Library Service buildings. Smoking is not permitted within 10 metres of the library entrance.

13. If you are in the building during staffed hours, and want to access the library after staffed hours, you are required to leave the building and re-enter, once the staff have left, using your card. This is to ensure you are registered as being on the premises.

In Case of Emergency
14. Emergency procedures and floor plans are posted throughout the library. Please check the Emergency Diagram for your nearest emergency exit.

15. Hampton Library is equipped with CCTV surveillance. Please be aware that you will be recorded when
accessing the library.

16. Phone access to Security is available for use in an emergency. Please ensure you familiarise yourself with its
location during your safety induction. If you have concerns for your safety, or another emergency situation occurs
whilst you are in the library, pick up the emergency phone and ask Security for assistance. Or you can press the
Red “Emergency button” to alert Security. Alternatively you can use your own device to call “000”.

17. Exit door – to exit after hours, press the green exit button, or the “No touch” motion sensor, located on the left of the door frame. The door between the foyer and library is automatic. However it can be activated using the green exit button or the “No touch” motion sensor.

18. EMERGENCY EXITS – Hampton Library has two emergency exits. One at the library entrance (on Service St)
and the other at the rear of the library, facing the car park. Refer to the Hampton Library Evacuation Plan located
on the wall in the foyer, and the wall next to the returns.

19. Do not enter the building if you feel unsafe. Be aware of your own personal safety at all times.