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Get started with coding

Rainforest Coding and SwopBots are free games that enhance your child's coding skills.

Rainforest Coding 

This new interactive adventure will introduce the programming language ‘Scratch’ to children from 5 years old.

The adventure takes place on the beautiful Echo Island, part of the Crystal Rainforest. Things suddenly turn very ugly for the scientists living on the island when it is attacked by hundreds of evil robots.

Can the children help Doctor Han find her way around the old temples, removing the robots in her way? Can they discover what is going on and who is behind the attacks? Will they be able to rescue the other scientist imprisoned by the robots?

SwopBots coding adventure

Swopbots is a coding puzzle game for children aged 7 and above.

Help Loop and Switch on their mission to collect the valuable Violum crystals. Along the way they will need to use all their coding and problem solving skills to overcome a variety of logic puzzles.

SwopBots is a fun and highly motivational way to get children thinking about code and solving puzzles. The block based programming language is widely used so the skills that children will develop while playing can be easily transferred to other coding software.

SwopBots requires you to download and install a program.