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Apply for an excess animal permit

How many cats and dogs are you allowed?

You are allowed to have 2 cats and 2 dogs.

Use this form to apply for any additional cats and dogs.

To complete this form you will need:


As part of the permit application process, a Council officer will arrange with you to do a property inspection.

Applicant details
Animal details
Animal 1 details
Animal 2 details
Animal 3 details
Animal 4 details
Animal 5 details
Animal 6 details
Are any of these animals used for the purpose of breeding?

Local law No. 2 Neighbourhood Amenity

Please review Local law Neighbourhood Amenity 2021 Clauses 25 and 26.

I hereby certify that I have read, understand and will comply with Bayside City Council Local Law No. 2 Neighbourhood Amenity Clauses 39 and 40 and any conditions set out on the Permit.
I understand that if a Permit is granted it will expire on 30 June (unless otherwise stated on the Permit), as per Local Law No. 2 Neighbourhood Amenity, Schedule 3 - Permit Conditions and I am responsible for payment of a renewal fee before that date.
I understand approval of this application is subject to an arranged inspection of my property by a Council officer.
New permit fee
Products / Services
Permit fee
Credit Card Information This payment form accepts Visa and Mastercard

Please note that your payment may not be updated on your account until the following business day and that Visa, MasterCard (0.68%) or American Express (0.62%) card payments will be subject to a surcharge.

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