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Amend a planning permit or application

There are 3 different amendment processes. Which process you need to use depends on what changes you require. There is a process for:

  • Substantial changes to existing permits
  • Minor changes to existing permits, and
  • Undecided applications.

If you are unsure which process is correct for you, please call our duty planner on (03) 9599 4666.

Who sets the fees?

The fees for each amendment process are set by the Department of Transport and Planning.

Amend an existing planning permit under Section 72

This process is only for planning applications that have been decided and finalised.

Read more about Section 72

How much does it cost?

Your fee depends on the class of permit and your additional development costs.

Make a minor amendment to an existing permit under secondary consent

Secondary consent is a way of making minor amendments to the endorsed plans of a planning permit.

Some examples of changes we may consider minor are:

  • Small external changes such as modifying a window size
  • Cosmetic changes such as changing a paint colour
  • Internal layout changes

Please call our duty planner on (03) 9599 4666 to discuss whether your amendment can be considered minor.

You cannot use this to amend the conditions of the permit or what the permit allows.

Apply under secondary consent online

How much does it cost?

You will be charged a set fee per request. 

Amend an undecided application under Section 50/57

This process is for undecided applications only.

Please call your planner on (03) 9599 4666 before submitting amendments.

What is the payment process?

After you submit your amendment online we will:

  • If required, confirm your information
  • If applicable, generate the fee in our online payment portal
  • Email you a link to pay online

You can also pay in person at our corporate centre.

Apply to amend under Section 50/57 online

How much does it cost?

If we have advertised your application we will invoice you 40% of the application cost. Depending on our assessment, you may also need to pay for the application to be re-advertised.

If your amendment changes the class of permit, you will need to pay the difference.