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Apply to remove a pool or spa from our register

If you no longer have a pool or spa that needs to be registered, the property owner can apply to take it off our register.

Learn which pools and spas require safety barriers and need to be registered.

Once you have applied, we will need to confirm by either checking our records and/or visiting your property. If we need to visit your property, we will contact you to organise a suitable time. This process may take up to 30 days.

I am

Please note: confirmation of your submission information will be sent to the owner.

e.g PS202X/XXXX/X  This is found in the letter you received.
Search for your Bayside address (that has the pool/spa)
Start typing and select from list, e.g. 1/123 Street Name, Suburb.
Enter your address manually
Applicant details
Owner details
Owners Corporation details

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