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Drainage development contributions plan

The Drainage Development Contributions Plan requires multi-dwelling, new commercial and non-residential development to pay a levy towards the cost of upgrading Bayside's municipal drainage network.

When do you need to pay?

Levies must be paid when applications for planning permits (including subdivision) are approved. We will send you an invoice for the payment when the planning permit is issued. Plans will not be endorsed until payment has been made.

To pay online you will need

  • The request for payment notice you received from us
  • A valid Visa, Mastercard or Amex

How do I pay online?

  1. Find the request for payment notice you received from us
  2. You will need the catchment and reference number from the notice
  3. Find the correct catchment number below
  4. Click the link and complete the payment process

Find your catchment


How much do you need to pay?

The levy amount payable in 2024/25 is:

  • $2,634 for each additional ground floor dwelling
  • $1,316 for each additional flat/apartment or upper floor dwelling
  • $648 per 100 square metres of additional gross building floor area or per 100 square metres of site area, whichever is the lesser, for new commercial development on land zoned Commercial
  • $2,634 per 600 square metres of site area for new non-residential development on land zoned residential

(Note: amounts are rounded to the nearest dollar)

Development exempt from paying the levy

The following types of development are exempt from paying the levy:

  • One dwelling on a block of land that has not been subdivided
  • One new dwelling that replaces an existing dwelling
  • Additions or extensions to dwellings
  • Commercial development that does not increase the existing building floor area 
  • Development on public land that is to be used for a public purpose in the future