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Public open space contributions

When proposing to subdivide your land into 3 or more lots, you are required to make a contribution of 5% of the site value. This is used to create open spaces such as public parks, playgrounds and reserves.

What is the process?

A valuation of your land will be carried out, which will determine how much you will be asked to pay. The contribution will be specified in the planning permit conditions.

Pay your open space contribution online

You will need the permit reference number from your notice and a valid credit card.

Go to our eCouncil website, enter the reference number on your notice (e.g. 5.2017.1599.1) and commence the payment process.

Want to know more?

The contributions policy is part of the Bayside Planning Scheme. You can view the policy (clause 22.01) and exemption (clause 52.01) PDFs online at the Victoria State Government website.