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You can appeal to VCAT

If you are an applicant or objector and disagree with a planning application decision you can appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

What is the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)?

VCAT is an independent Victorian state government tribunal that hears and decides on applications made by permit applicants, objectors and others. You can find out more on the VCAT website.

What are the timeframes to lodge an appeal?

Once the responsible authority gives notice of the decision, the timeframes to lodge an appeal are:

  • 60 days for applicants
  • 28 days for objectors.

Do you want to become a party to a VCAT proceeding as an objector?

If you intend to become a party to a VCAT proceeding and wish to contest an application, you must, lodge a copy of your statement of ground with VCAT and serve a copy of the statement of grounds on the applicant and Council. You can serve the statement of grounds on Council by sending it to

Are there costs involved in appealing to VCAT to review a decision?

VCAT can be time-consuming and will incur additional costs, so it’s best to try and resolve any issues early in the process.

What will happen at VCAT?

Once the VCAT hearing is finished, the Tribunal will consider all of the material on the file and presented at the hearing. When a decision is made, a copy of the tribunal’s order and reasons for the decision will be sent to all parties.

Is VCAT’s decision final?

The tribunal’s decision is final unless there is an appeal by a party to the Supreme Court on a point of law. The tribunal’s order must be followed.

Where can I find more information?

Information on how to apply for a review at VCAT including fees, processes and tribunal decisions can be found on the VCAT website.