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Street art for Sandy

Artist impression of the mosaic map of Sandringham at the entrance to Sandringham train station

Sandringham Village’s newest art installation is the wayfinding “Welcome Mosaic”. A stylised interpretive map for visitors, the colourful artistic impression of Sandringham Village will greet train commuters as they enter and exit Sandringham train station.

The inherently tactile, hard-wearing mosaic will, over time, develop a patina through exposure to traffic flow and the natural elements, becoming more beautiful with an aged, weathered appearance.

Key features

The wayfinding “Welcome Mosaic” will be a beautiful landmark in the heart of Sandringham Village and is:

  • created in a traditional format of smaller tesserae, a style where small pieces of stone, glass, ceramic, or other hard material is cut in a regular shape and pieced together to create an image.
  • 2.5m in diameter
  • Using the same fabrication methods as the ancient Romans modernised with materials technology and superior adhesives. 

Mosaics are extremely hard wearing, inherently tactile and primal. Over time, mosaics that are exposed to traffic flow become more beautiful, with a patina that can only be achieved through time.


The project is now complete.

What to expect during works

During the first two weeks of works we’re preparing the site for the mosaic installation. These works include:

  • installing cyclone fencing around the works area
  • installing project signage 
  • cutting the footpath
  • laying base concrete 

At times, there will be elevated noise particularly during concrete works.

A low level of interruption is anticipated during the installation. Bollards and barrier tape will indicate areas not accessible to the community during works.

During the third week, week commencing 27 May, the mosaic will be fabricated.

Project cost

This project was proposed by the Sandy Street Art Project, is supported by the Sandringham Traders Association, and is funded from the Placemaking Activation budget.

The indicative cost of the mosaic installation is $30,000.

More information

If you have any questions or require further project information, contact:

Sally McLennan, Place Maker

03 9599 4320